ToldYaSo Before Any Of Em! Obama’s “Running The Biden Camp” Says Steve Malzberg

ToldYaSo Before Any Of Em! OBAMA 3rd Term, He’s “Running The Biden Camp” Says Steve Malzberg

Will we ever see a Republican president again? | Page 43 ...

I knew this satanic pig would be ‘rising’ on the political scene again:

Is Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly? Posted on  by AsheDina

I will tell you again, if the D party is not stopped, we are going back to the evil years of Obama. This is because of Trumps INACTION to rid America of the Clinton machine, the Bush machine, etc. Enjoy the new HELL. Because that IS where it’s going.

SEE: Steve Malzberg at RT Times Discusses Gateway Pundit Article on Obama Indicating He’s Running the Biden Camp

4 thoughts on “ToldYaSo Before Any Of Em! Obama’s “Running The Biden Camp” Says Steve Malzberg

  1. Oy vey or woe woe woe. We are undone. The demoncraps gonna take over. But trump did this. He set it up. Trump won and his win needs given. Then patriots must push trump to do right. But not gonna happen. Trump put in mostly swamp. He put in 3 vatican judges. He wont call sidney powell after 5 days blocked contact by staff. He wont pardon assange. I thimk trump is shite but shite we could push unlike the chinese commie traitors. Afraid lock and load is on the horizon if they take off the muzzles first.

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