And, Now? #MASKSQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny

MASKS SQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny.

It seems that MANY Americans enjoy tyranny and tyrants. Anytime I pass a person all keyed up over someone not wearing a mask (but the keyed up person is in a mask), I see a little tyrant.

In a way, the Mask Nazi’s have made life easier. I now know WHO to stay away from. Anyone who feels the need to RAT on their fellow citizens.. I really want no part of. Because inside of that person is a Napoleonic tyrant just dying to come out.

Americans are not freedom lovers anymore.


They can yell and holler “FREEDOM”, but they don’t care about liberty. As long as someone is ‘protecting’ an American person, they feel good. Americans do not mind being mugged by TSA at the airport because that makes them feel ‘protected’ from ‘terrorists.’ However, most Americans they dont mind bombing the crap out of some country because Lindsay Graham wants a ‘regime change’ in that said country.. This is not terrorism, its justified because………..

They mug American’s at the airport but American’s voting rights are not secure or protected. They send billions in cash to ensure a wall around the country of Jordan but walls are evil for Americans because ‘that’s racist.’

This is not America. This is bullsh’t. It’s an embarrassment….. and the pro-Mask Squad lunatics are the biggest bunch of b.s’ers ever.


The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has announced its deployment of “mask squads” to ensure people adhere to public health guidelines;  NY Post 

4 thoughts on “And, Now? #MASKSQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny

  1. Various reason maskeraiders love masks; real fear, even concern for others in some cases, feeling they can act different in disguise, some into bondage a real sickness in society, and for quite a lot is a power trip. A few times in a business over many months was told to put on a mask by employees themselves with no mask or mask on neck or under nose. Thats just power trip. Sad that all the data is findable that masks dont stop sickness but cause sickness. The sheep wont look.

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