Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Though House/Senate Is Dem.

Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Tho House/Senate Is Dem.

O’Biden has a Democrat house and senate. What is the reason for ruling by executive order?

So far, Joe’Bama, I mean election thief, Prez Biden has signed 42 executive orders. Imagine Trump the ‘dictator/fascist’ signing this many in barely 7 days with a GOP house/senate? The press would be screaming if Trump signed 42 executive orders in the first week. See, its only OK with a Democrat dictator but not a Republican dictator.

You see what pretentious LIARS the Democrats are? You also see how the Republican party is ho-hum about all of these exec orders?? When are ALL Americans going to wake the hell up and get rid of these animals? I’m sure you have all observed that the capital has fences and massive military security? They use the excuse that 50 or so “Q’Anons” might come and foist them all out. We should all be so lucky.

America never needed this massive amount of military and security at the capital. The representatives are scared to death of the people. Why? Because they are criminal bastards. That’s why. A government that is following OUR LAW would not need all of this security. THIEVES AND LIARS, ALL!!!

Biden has signed 42 executive actions since taking office ...

So, who is really in charge?



New Testament Describes Dem/Leftists To A T:

New Testament Describes Leftists To The T:

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People can choose or not choose to believe in the New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, the Holy Bible, God, etc. But, you CANNOT deny that Paul who wrote this letter to Timothy revealed a prophesy that these types of evil people will walk among us:

2 Timothy 3

1 But this know, that in [the] last days difficult times shall be there; 2 for men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, evil speakers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, profane, 3 without natural affection, implacable, slanderers, of unsubdued passions, savage, having no love for what is good, traitors, headlong, of vain pretensions, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; having a form of piety but denying the power of it: and from these turn away. For of these are they who are getting into houses, and leading captive silly women, laden with sins, led by various lusts, always learning, and never able to come to [the] knowledge of [the] truth.

In these few paragraphs, you see the Wall Street type Leftists who are boastful, arrogant, lovers of money. It is plain to see the “Limousine Liberals” in verse 2. But, in verse 3, 4 and 5… Paul had the modern, average Leftists pegged. They ARE evil speakers. They are totally disobedient to parents and taught your children to be so also. They slander & accuse without proof, they have unnatural sex and affection and support it. They have absolutely NO love for what is good–only what is evil. They have a ‘form’ of piety in their fake ‘religion’.

They are the sons and daughters of disobedience. Those who still try to ‘reach’ them are not going to have much success for they cannot and will NOT come to the knowledge of the truth as it is written. The best thing to do with these Leftists is to start rebuking satan who lives in their souls.

They will try to persuade you that YOU are the ‘evil’. If you follow God, you are not the ‘evil one’. Pay attention to their fruits. Most have fruits of destruction. We are in the biblical end times, people. And, God has given these people over to the power of satan. Protect yourself by reading your Bible. Get it IN your soul that you may stand against this EVIL army of unbelieving dogs.

VIDEO-WHY Is #FEDEX Storing Thousands Of Body Bags?

VIDEO-WHY Is #FEDEX Storing Thousands Of Body Bags?

Are they planning to murder off thousands of people and fedex them to the orient to sell our parts? Who knows. They (the powers that be) overthrew the government so who knows what they will do. I have NO idea what all of these body bags are for. NONE.

The body bags are being hauled by unmarked trucks so your guess is as good as mine.

Are they preparing for war on our own soil? At the hands of a foreign army OR are they going to use our own military against us??

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove: The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove. The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

I was not the most ‘pro-Trump’ person. I was VERY angry (since Jan 2017) that he did not throw war mongers and the treasonous D’s AND R’s in prison.

There is no defense against the truth. None. The Communist radicals in big tech ban, toss, suspend, etc. Go ahead, ban everyone — but in the end, you don’t win because the truth is still the truth. The Communists can lock us up, they can destroy our lives, they can do whatever it is they wish. But, the truth will still remain.

Facts are the facts. Trump & The Trumpers still won the election no matter what the Communist radicals say. The Communists stole the election and overthrew the government. Thats the facts. After you see a video like this (below) and you still choose to believe the lying Left, then that’s a serious issue you have because you have chosen to believe the lie rather than the truth.

All of the other Christians calling the Trumpers, ‘false prophets’ are not in the truth. Like it or not, Fact is: Trump won the election even though the Communists snuck in and stole it from him. The Trumpers ‘heard from God’ but they underestimated satan. When one gets caught up in the ’emotion’ of it all, one loses focus and perspective and that’s when satan sneaks in to steal, destroy and murder.

A few months back, I had a dream Prophetic Dream I Had Last Night Of A LARGE Elephant On The Horizon. I thought it meant one of two things: #1. Huge problem. OR #2. GOP landslide. This dream came to pass as a double-edged sword, though. There WAS A GOP landslide. There WAS and IS a problem. The GOP Landslide suffered a catastrophic issue: The coup. Now, our troubles will become larger and worse.


The truth is still the truth. The truth cannot be taken away. The Communists have foisted O’Biden into office against the will of the people. Against the voters and against the republic. That is the truth. They can ban us from everything and NOTHING will change this truth. NOTHING. Hell or high-water won’t change it. The media cannot change it. God, himself won’t change it.

All we can do now is plead with God to have mercy. Repent and turn to God. Ask him, implore him to have mercy on us. As it is now a time of great delusion. When the Liars and thieves ‘win’ by fraud, it is because God has allowed us to be turned over completely to enemies.

2 Thessalonians 2

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

AOC Is “Right” Today Re #Robinhood App. But, She Shows Her Inner #DEMons A Lot.

AOC Is “Right” Today Re #Robinhood App. But, She Shows Her Inner DEMons A Lot.

I am reading about how AOC is ‘irate’ at the fat cats on the street and the “Robinhood App”. Fine, a broken clock is right twice a day. Ted Cruz reached across the aisle to ‘shake her hand’ on being right about the Robinhood App but she claims Cruz tried to ‘have her killed’. Communists are delusional. Nobody has tried to kill this dumbass. How can you kill a demon anyway? It does not die unless its life is ‘cut short’ by satan (The Democrat god) or someone that exorcises it out of the person.

Which brings me to my point… Please observe this demon. This is an enraged demon living in her:

GOP Group's Ad Decries Murderous Socialist Khmer Rouge ...

She could be very dangerous to be around. Stay far away. Many times, demons manifest as mad (as insane)

Meme Generator - Kamala Harris Angry - Newfa Stuff
aoc mad Blank Template - Imgflip


Some Dems Want a Primary Challenger to Yorktown's It Girl AOC

They can even manifest looking like a borderline, stressed wild animal:

Gallup Poll Finds Trump WAY More Popular than AOC ...
That Day AOC Came to Texas to Create Chaos, and Succeeded ...

This is really not a joke. I have had run-ins with people that have been possessed. I am watching all of these members of the house and senate now. I am praying they WILL manifest their demons so that people can see with their own eyes how evil the DC klan really is. Meanwhile, stay away from these creatures. Demon possession is not a mental illness. It is a living, satanic, evil spirit that possesses one’s body when they open up to evil. Eric Manifests His Inner Demons Of Darkness

Time For A JOURNEY Break

Time For A JOURNEY Break

Sure, I like the bubblegum-pop Journey songs but they are NO match for the early Journey band. NO comparison. This band was TOP NOTCH. What a voice Perry had. One of the top vocalists in my opinion. My former husband (Michael–he died from cancer, RIP) loved early Journey a lot. Michael was drummer for many bands in Cali (a fill-in) in the late 1970’s. He listened to Journey as if it was his personal church music. So, Michael….this is for you. I miss you. A LOT. You were my closest friend for 3 decades. I met you in 1989 and you left me here in 2019. 😦

Here are your songs, Michael. “Wheel in the sky” (Your fav)

I always loved this one from 1978. I was 14 when this one came out. We had beautiful music. Thank God.

“Separate Ways”. I believe this is the level best Journey song. Here is Arnel Pineda (present singer of Journey) who ALSO does it excellent:

And, Steve Perry’s original rendition.

Come on….. White boys, get out there and make some 70’s style music again, like Greta Van Fleet. Help us get thru the bs we’re all going thru.