If the riots and looting of the summer 2020 were ‘mostly peaceful’, then this is COMPLETELY peaceful.

Check it out: BREAKING REPORT: Pentagon Denies Request to Deploy National Guard to US Capitol as Patriots Overwhelm Police

SHOTS FIRED IN CHAMBER — Woman Taken Out on Stretcher Covered in Blood (VIDEO)

Capitol Police Draw Guns on Trump Supporters on House Floor

Patriots Are INSIDE NANCY PELOSI’S OFFICE — Emails Open on Screen

2 thoughts on “Mostly PEACEFUL PROTEST In DC.

  1. Not a happy camper like so many. Death of JFK was when america entered its final steady death spiral. This day in D.C. where T man called the troops and he betrayed them is the day america went into hospice till coming soon death. Things like i hope pence does the right thing…. T man knew what the jesuit pence would do. T man set up the destruction and camel will finish it out. T man like bibi built up their lands and then destroyed them. Like a smart cattle rancher wants well fed stock for the slaughter unlike biden commies want a lean thin sick stock just cause they are commies. But both lead to same end. Im mouthy today as i hate commies and i hate T man a shill for them.

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