1st They Came For Mom/Pop Biz. Then,They Come For Mom/Pop Cyber Comm….

1st They Came For Mom/Pop Biz. Then,They Come For Mom/Pop Cyber Comm.

Parler, one of the lesser forums in the tech industry was shut down as you all know. Glen Greenwald weighs in: Click to read

No real reason for the destruction of Parler except for Trump signing up for an account there. And, as far as the Left is concerned, Trump and all his supporters are ‘white supremacists or nazis’ and must be expunged from society. Therefore, shut down their communications—Even though it is the Left that is doing what the Nazis did says *Dennis Prager, a Jewish man: Click to read. *Also: Under “Nazi/Hitler” Trump, We Had NO Gas Chambers, NO Camps, NO Yellow Stars: Dems Had TOTAL Freedom & Trump Supporters DIDN’T.

Before they purged Parler and the thousands of Conservatives from Social Media, they closed the nation down in a quarantine and GOP Governors were complicit. Why they closed down the nation over a virus used to stun me.. But, now I understand totally: Its ALL about POWER. It had nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with how people would accept Communist power in 2021. If a person didn’t wear a mask, they were shamed, ridiculed and humiliated. “Stay home” all over Facebook icons. Many Americans were FOR the shutdown not even thinking this was a nefarious plan but it is and was and I believe more shutdowns are in the works. People are already on the streets, starving….

So, they have come for your businesses and broke you. Then, they cut you off from communications. What’s next, people? YOU? ME? Yes, I believe if you do not bow to the bully, totalitarian, Commu-NAZI left…….YOU ARE NEXT and just WHAT will they do to you?


And, the only reason they take down posts and purge you is because they hate themselves and do not want to see the truth about their authoritarian evil. Deal with it, Demon-Crats: YOU ARE EVIL. It is YOU doing what the Nazis did. YOU doing what the Communists did. Take a look at your ugly self or go to hell ‘cuz that’s where you murderers are going. Conservatives Leaving Twitter For Parler Is Making INSANE Communist/Leftists Foam At The Mouth

WORLD LEADERS DENOUNCE BIG TECH CENSORSHIP OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. (The Left does not care, though. Totalitarians NEVER EVER see how dangerous they are.)

Need proof of all of this? Hillary Clinton Labels Trump Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” Who Need to be Tracked and Surveilled Following Chaos at US Capitol.

Trump is NOT going to ‘save you’ The Swamp Swallowed Trump (I was no “ra ra ra” Trump person at all. He made me really angry because he didnt deal with the far left radicals, he allowed them to ‘eat his lunch’)

2 thoughts on “1st They Came For Mom/Pop Biz. Then,They Come For Mom/Pop Cyber Comm….

  1. Its all just a show. Problem is its real. The commie nazis are taking control. Its both blended into horror. The more i listen to trump the more i think he played his role for whats coming down. Us awake are not so smart, its just God found us worthy enough not to have strong delusion put upon us. Dennis prager, such a good man, pray he finds his messiah. Simon wrisenthal, the nazi hunter before his death said the jews will have another holocaust in america. But not exterminated by police like in europe but by lynchings by the people in rage and desperation. Of course all non jews will have same fate in violence or fema camps. America is over. People v people instead of the people united against the overlords. Prager may have missed that the germans were actually better than americans but had no guns. Ive studied pre holocaust germany that teaches more than holocaust time. In 1933 germany had 3 groups fairly equal in size. One groups was catholics mostly devoted to hitler via vatican. Second group was the german national church of most protestant denominations wiith lutherans the biggest one. Many were not pro hitler but had a jingle they followed called God & Country that hitler co opted to get them to serve him. The third group was the german evangelical church was very anti hitler and had a spirit of resist but had no guns. In america, the evangelicals are not healthy like german evangelicals even though they have guns. In 1933 hitler was elected by vote and only got 37% of the vote but was largest party. Hitler got 37% of all german voters but hitler got 80% of the jewish vote! Why? Democrat idelogy and logic. Leftist jewish logic is faulty. One example; jews in germany supported hitler taking the guns. Why? Lefty logic was jews always persecuted by people so guns in their hands is bad. Their logic was 65 million christians with high gun ownership and half million jews with low gun ownership so take their guns. The evangelicals would have saved jews and germany but no longer had guns. Re election for second term in 1937 hitler did get 49% of the vote without the jews no longer allowed to vote. And half of germanys jews woke up and got out by 1939. And apparently hitler didnt even rig the elections like in usa. This is the last generation, prepare to meet your God is all left to say.

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