2 Days Left Until The Communist Takeover. Anything Is Possible

2 Days Left Until The Communist Takeover. Anything Is Possible

We’re down for the count.

At any rate, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Ya know? It does feel like we have been under a psychological attack since Nov 3, though. It has been mind boggling to say the least. Maybe its best to just not know anything. Especially for a chick.

So, be prepared, folks. Have your protections and weapons for your homes ready. I have my compound bow all set to go. I like acting like an Indian when I feel danger. I have my beans and some rice for a couple months. I dont really love beans and rice but it will have to do, just in case. There are rumors that the communications may go out on top of the electricity.

The “Q” people always said there was a ‘plan’. So, maybe there is a plan? One never knows. At times, God works at 11:59. Yes, he does.

I guess this whole time (since Jan 20, 2017), I’ve been on a constant state of alert. I almost always feel like that when the GOP takes control because the Left is so filled with murder and hatred for anything pro America….. I really never know if they will assassinate a rep, a Senator, a President….. SO, I really don’t ‘get comfortable’ when a Republican is in power because the left is TOXIC: They worry about a couple hundred, insignificant racists or former Left radicals. We worry about them taking over a whole government and enslaving ALL of us.

Anyway… Off to the gym. Be prepared. Pray. Trust in God. Repent if you don’t.

I Believe That “We The People” Are Going To See Horrors We’ve NEVER Seen Before

13 thoughts on “2 Days Left Until The Communist Takeover. Anything Is Possible

  1. I’m hoping you are wrong but it seems that many recent news items are intentionally viciously incendiary to whites, to Q-anon believers, and to Trumpers. The absolutely bitchiness that the new administration is going to do things that they refused to do when Trump wanted to do them is not encouraging in the least. Their choices invalidates their authority, again. The Q-shamans’ legal situation vs John Sullivan’s situation – I’m waiting for the attorney who wins for the Hondurans saying that they listened to their President (Big Mouth Biden. ) At the very least, the money they’re going to have to print (digitally) in order to accommodate our new residents (today Honduras) could easily launch us into Weimar situation?

    I’ve suspected all along that TPTB knew exactly who “Q” was/is. I have asked people I know how are their family who drank the koolaid doing? They say those people are shut-down, depressed, empty – how is that going to turn out? Are they going to commit suicide or lash out? I was angry when all the sike professionals were signatories to documents diagnosing Trump when I thought that if anything they should diagnose the nation as a patient instead of unprofessionally and immorally increasing our great divide. How healing was that action from the great healing profession? Just as Hillary & Obama had the audacity to Dx/label Trumpers totally out of context to what they have been suffering for decades and generations now. Seeing these behaviors tells me that of course you are correct but I hope not.

  2. Lol, ok. My bad.
    The Leftist Commies are psychopathic and insane.
    I just sit looking at the news now just shaking my head, Koo bcz its so delusional out there now

  3. Yep. I’m watching lefties openly target righties for total destruction. I’m watching righties self-immolate with the backflips they’re doing. The lefties are self-immolating too. The result is that our entire government looks 100% corrupt and illegitimate – well many of us already had that idea but they’re removing all doubts.

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  5. Yesterday i listened to 2 most recent video talks of dr. anthony patch on d live. Hes also on other platforms but kicked off u tube. I endorse these 2 videos. Not meaning i endorse others not seen. They start with half hour or so of soothing music. Can ffw but my cat likes the music. He covers the jab as indeed the mark of the beast and gives the full why. He covers many current areas like govts instructed to spend spend spend as they crashing economy on purpose and will raise up new digital economic reset with all debts rolled back to zero. The jab, if one stays alive, the dna changes will have brains of humans regress to chimpanzee like brains. Yes, trump is going away. Only question is will trump be active and return to power or will he slip off the radar. He didnt pardon assange and he fathered warp speed. May he repent soon or go to hell soon.

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