The Grand Illusion

A very grand illusion, indeed….

That’s where we are and there is a magician in charge. The chief of illusionists: Barack Hussein Obama. Think not? Well, here ya go: Bust of Winston Churchill removed by Obama is back in the in the WH hours after Trump takes charge…….And, now it’s gone again: “Good riddance” to Winston Churchill bust in the Oval Office. Obama’s “Gotcha” moment to Trump..

The last time it was removed was by Barack Hussein Obama: Obama admits he removed bust of Churchill … – Mail Online

Obama made sure to remove the bust from the office to give a que to Conservative people–NOT Leftists that he is baaaaccckkkkk. Obama is a mocking, conniving devil. Almost all of “President” Biden’s appointee’s are from Obama’s former cabinet. Biden didn’t appoint them, Obama did. Biden can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago.

Here’s another ‘in ya face’ action:

‘New photos of Biden’s newly decorated Oval Office shows the flags removed. Another item Biden ditched was the portrait of former President Andrew Jackson, who was the first Democrat to hold the office, but has been criticized recently for ties to slavery.’

Why would any Democrat remove a Democrat President’s portrait? Joe Biden didn’t do it, Obama did.

Joe Biden can’t even harldy speak without assistance from his wife.. Can you honestly tell me that Biden can run a nation? Politico Is First Fake News Mainstream Outlet to Hint at Joe Biden’s Obvious Dementia


Biden is NOT running this nation. Obama is. Its a Grand Illusion AND Delusion. Don’t believe any photo’s or video’s that come out of the white house, either. Its smoke and mirrors. Lying ‘signs and wonders’ to deceive.

I know Joe Biden is a corrupt, old man…. But, the way the DEMS are using this man (who is sick) is disgusting. They’re abusing him–this is elderly abuse. And, Jill is right there with him. She should be a good wife and get him out. This is sad and horrible. I actually feel sorry for them. Can you believe that? It’s SAD!!!

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  1. Dont worry, as maybe joe gets an ice cream cone double dipped back in his room for his effort.

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