Time For A STYX Break

One of my first record albums. Styx, “Pieces of Eight”. I got it in 1978 for a penny from the record in the mail ‘deal’. 7 albums for a penny.. LOL! My family ended up paying $50. and man, were they pissed off. HAHAOf course, I was the moonbat who believed it!


One of my favorites of all time: “Show me the way”

“LADY”. Which I think is beautiful. Start at one minute.

“Too much time on my hand” During the Election Infection:

3 thoughts on “Time For A STYX Break

  1. On the other hand, I’m rediscovering Rick Wakeman. I only ever listened to Fragile and Center of the Earth. He seems to have put out an album each year. Well… a lot anyway, between Yes and solo. Plus he played on everyone else’s.
    Elton john, rod stewart,… a bunch.

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