Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Though House/Senate Is Dem.

Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Tho House/Senate Is Dem.

O’Biden has a Democrat house and senate. What is the reason for ruling by executive order?

So far, Joe’Bama, I mean election thief, Prez Biden has signed 42 executive orders. Imagine Trump the ‘dictator/fascist’ signing this many in barely 7 days with a GOP house/senate? The press would be screaming if Trump signed 42 executive orders in the first week. See, its only OK with a Democrat dictator but not a Republican dictator.

You see what pretentious LIARS the Democrats are? You also see how the Republican party is ho-hum about all of these exec orders?? When are ALL Americans going to wake the hell up and get rid of these animals? I’m sure you have all observed that the capital has fences and massive military security? They use the excuse that 50 or so “Q’Anons” might come and foist them all out. We should all be so lucky.

America never needed this massive amount of military and security at the capital. The representatives are scared to death of the people. Why? Because they are criminal bastards. That’s why. A government that is following OUR LAW would not need all of this security. THIEVES AND LIARS, ALL!!!

Biden has signed 42 executive actions since taking office ...

So, who is really in charge?



5 thoughts on “Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Though House/Senate Is Dem.

  1. a nation divided or a family divided soon falls apart, so Jesus said all those years ago, the Great U.S.has a lot of healing on its hANDS, AMEN

  2. This is the 4th reich. Executive orders are illegal no matter who done it. But a tiny tumor grows and grows if left to remain. In america only leglislative branches can do any law. And that can be challenged in courts law by law. But if people dont really rise up
    and armed uniformed gunmen obey illegal orders it ends up as a nightmare that is now underway. For trivia, the constution set up sheriff, constable, judge, deputized militia as upholders of law and order. But early america still had loyalists even after independence. The loyalists to the crown like the brit soldiers were called red coats. After 1776 there were no more brit soldiers but loyalists, red coats still functioned as militia of elites. There was attempts to get rid of those red coats in many places as they served corrupt leaders mostly on local levels.. the red coats changed their name officially in 1830 to the police. The police are unelected thus not bound to serve the people. I actually agree with antifa to abolish the police that mostly enforce unconstutional ordanances. That would result in year or more of horrific carnage. But then more people would be armed and helping one another and the bad guys eventually all
    deceased. Then society would calm down to original set up. A process to fix something isnt always pretty but a needed process. Of course its not gonna happen. Joebama reigns.

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