Why The Shock Over #NBC ‘Nurses’ Jew Hating Scene? Leftists Are Jew Haters.

Why The Shock Over #NBC ‘Nurses’ Jew Hating Scene? Leftists Are Jew Haters.

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I saw the scene the other day of the Orthodox Jewish young man laying in his bed not wanting to receive a ‘body part’ from a ‘goy’ or an Arab…

1st of all, the scene is a complete fabrication of Jewish laws regarding surgeries, etc and Alison Josephs wrote about that here in her blog post calling on NBC to apologize for its Nurses scene. (I don’t blame Allison for asking for an apology regarding this).


2. We live in a godless atmosphere. We should expect the godless to pull stunts like this. After all, Christian hatred is an everyday occurrence in America. The Jewish people, (especially Orthodox) need to expect Jew hatred in a political atmosphere where God is of ‘no concern’ to congress according to fat, poo-pants, secular, Jerry Nadler, who happens to be a Jew, in name only.. An atmosphere that lacks God will have the evil spirit of hating Gods people IN it. This should be a no-brainer.

This brings me to:

3. Not only do the leftists absolutely hate Christianity, they hate Israel and most Christians are Zionists and support Israel as a Jewish state. The Leftists hate Israel with a passion but they excuse that hatred as ‘valid criticism of Israel’s foreign policy against the pali’s’. Which is garbage. The Left does not care about the pali’s. The Leftists only care about Leftist causes not people. But, they especially hate Israel and who lives in Israel? JEWS. See how that works? Why many Jewish people, (about 70%) even vote for Leftists is beyond my comprehension. I’m too stupid to figure it out. We need a seriously brilliant psychiatrist to assess this situation.

4. Leftists hate white people. It is an everyday assault against white’s here in America. Every. Single. Day. They are complete bigots against them. Even demanding that white people be  ‘less white’ in the workplace. You know… “Diversity training” stupidity.. There is no training for blacks, Mexicans, or secular Jews to be less white hating, there is only diversity training for white people. THAT’S not racist, though. I fully believe in my heart that the Leftists would love to murder every, single white Christian person in America and Jews also. Absolutely.

5. The shock over the hatred of Leftists against the Jewish people leaves me shaking my head. We should observe this godless atmosphere and call on the nation to repent to God. Only by repenting to God will we be saved from white, Christian and Jewish genocide if this continues.

Poopie Pants #Nadler Is A Blasphemous Schnook & Will Receive His Just Punishment

Poopie Pants Nadler Is A Blasphemous Schnook & Will Receive His Just Punishment

We can always count on some dumb, J.I.N.O. making a complete mockery of God when someone calls to attention that we will be destroyed by shunning God:

Greg Steube repeated himself, “I’m going to repeat that line again. Whenever a nation’s laws no longer reflect the standards of God, that nation is in rebellion against him and will inevitably bear the consequences. And I think we are seeing the consequences of rejecting God in our country today. And this bill speaks directly against what is laid out in scripture…” That’s when God hating Democrat, Fart bag Jerry Nadler jumped in, “Mr. Steube when any religious tradition ascribes as God’s will has no concern of this Congress.”

Didn’t ‘ol Poopie Pants, Nadler crap his britches in September? Hey, there are NO accidents. God is the one in control of everything. The LORD allowed this evil goblin to drop a bucket of stinky poo to embarrass him in front of the whole country:

Piece of garbage!



Arizona Priest Rebukes Biden & The Left, Pretend Catholics & Bishops

Arizona Priest Rebukes Biden & The Left, Pretend Catholics & Bishops

He is very upset with “Catholic” Biden and the church.

Here is the whole sermon:

DNC Platform: Homosexuals, Trans, Abortion & Illegal’s, (Aka “Non Citizens”)

DNC Platform: Homosexuality, Trans, Abortion & Illegal’s, Aka “Non Citizens”

That’s it. Every day I get home, its another day I have to hear the latest stupidity, like Rand Paul asking trans-ugly Levine: about parental consent for ‘Trans Minors‘, which should be a no-brainer. But, not in a world where trans-ugly’s rule the roost:

Biden nominee Dr. Rachel Levine met with transphobic smear campaign

If it’s not about trans-ugly’s, its about homosexual asshattery: House Passes Sweeping Gay Equality Legislation, House passes bill to ban discrimination based on gender 

 ‘A divided House on Thursday narrowly passed a sprawling bill that would extend civil rights protections to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.’

Homosexuals ‘marry’ each other now. Why is a bill like this even needed? Why? To shove it up your ass, that’s why. Commies LOVE shoving it up the ass of America how gay this and gayyyyy that. Its a GAYYYYYY world… IF you burn the fruit flag, you are charged with a ‘hate crime’ but its NOT a crime to hate your own country and burn our flag.


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Then, it’s illegals and bringing more of them here….Even though we are still in the midst of a plandemic: FEDS TO BUS, FLY SURGE OF BIDEN’S Occupiers TO U.S. HOMES, Ted Cruz: ‘Criminals, Murderers, Rapists’ Entering on Biden’s ‘Most Radical Immigration Plan Proposed in History’

If it’s not illegal occupiers, it’s chopping up baby: The Equality Act Would Require Government-Funded Abortion

THAT, my friends is the DNC platform—in a nutshell.. Nothing about the starving people on foodlines all over the nation or the unemployed. Nothing about the Texas fiasco or the mass murdering Stalin-O-Cuomo. Just homosexuals, trans-ugly’s, illegals and baby chopping. Disgusting, sinful, repulsive chit, 24-7.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans “Who Feel Left Out” Of MSM

Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans “Who Feel Left Out” Of MSM

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This is smart. You know how much money these people will make doing this? (Yes, I believe in making money) I really feel grateful to the Qatari’s. It’s sad and disgusting that we have to look OUTSIDE of our own nation for news sources and platforms but Commie’s gotta Commie here in AmeriKa.

I bet the Qatari’s were happy Trump didnt start any proxy wars. Yes, he continued bombing some places, thats a fact. But, he didnt add new countries to bomb, plus he pulled troops out of Syria. They shouldnt have been in Syria in the first place. The easterners just want the globalist “American” military out of their countries.

Zero Hedge has some thoughts on why the Leftists failed on Al Jazeera: Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans “Who Feel Left Out” Of MSM

“Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news network that has previously sought to become a liberal media force in the US, is launching a platform to target conservatives, it was revealed on Tuesday,” The Guardian reports.

3 Dreams: 1 Of Massive Earthquake. 1 Of A Goat And A Rhinoceros. 1 Of No Internet Privacy

2 Dreams: 1 Of Massive Earthquake. 1 Of A Goat And A Rhinoceros. 1 Of No Internet Privacy

*I had a dream a couple of months ago and some of it came to pass: Half Of One Of My Recent Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing.) *Another dream I had happened of buildings on fire with looters and rioters: Horrible Apocalyptic Type Dream, March 16, 2020 (The looting of US cities started happening in May 2020, 2 months after the dream.) *3 Visions I Had Last Week, May 2020 – 1 Was Of A Captain of NY who was removed from power. GOD WILLING Cuomo is removed from power!!

In the first dream I had the other night:

I dreamed I was on the internet and someone’s private information came up in an instant message to me. I could not believe all of the information that was in this instant message about this person. It was terrible because I not only felt HER privacy was invaded but mine was also.


ALL people/s in the world: Your information WILL be known all over the internet in our future. Any and all things you have said WILL be linked up to your name. There is NO privacy in our future. NONE.

2nd Dream:

I was sleeping in the dream and all of the sudden, a major earthquake happened and it threw me out of my bed. In the dream, I felt that there would be an earthquake on the west coast.


3rd dream I had:

I was at a farm watching a very nasty goat. Nobody liked this goat on this farm. We were all hoping that a mean animal would come and kill this goat. To my amazement, a Rhinoceros showed up and began to maul that goat. But, here’s the kicker: NOBODY was happy that the Rhinoceros killed the goat because now we had a nasty Rhinoceros!


Discern if you must. But, I am hoping that Cuomo AND DeBlasio are removed from power. Prepare for an earthquake on the west coast. I believe this will happen.

TERRIBLE!! #Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

Most people know that I am pro Zionist and support the people of Israel, namely Orthodox, patriotic/or right wing Jewish people, J4J, Messianic and Jewish Christians like me. This is horrible.

Sharing names of unvaccinated people? Has Israel gone totally nuts? Whats next over there? No vaxx, no food? No vax, no work? No vax, no gas? Insanity and beyond. They’re literally setting up the Jewish people in Israel to be shamed and persecuted. And, that’s NOT anti semitic?! Commie/Fascist slime governments in the west are setting their people up for terrible persecution & mass slaughter. Nobody even know the long term effects of the vaccine (mark of the beast) except that it will land you in hell.

Wed, February 24, 2021 Here at Yahoo.

Israel’s parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation.