#Commie Twitter Suspends Italy’s Conservative Party Before Their Election. So-It WASN’T About #Trump, Its About WORLDWIDE Leftist Domination

Commie Twitter Suspends Italian Conservative Party Before Their Election. It WASN’T About Trump, Its About WORLDWIDE Leftist Domination

Since the Leftists lost 4 years, they are back as a ferocious lion. So far we have seen them send our men to Syria: 1. Biden Sends More Troops To Syria – IOTW Report. 2. U.S. Navy Deploys Two Destroyers To Black Sea Triggering Russian Anti-Ship Drills. Are involved in a coup in Italy: 3. TWITTER SUSPENDS SPAIN’S CONSERVATIVE VOX PARTY AHEAD OF ELECTIONS. India: Greta Thunberg shares ‘India protest toolkit,’ gets accused of ‘rent-a-cause activism’ & aiding ‘international conspiracy’. Myanmar. The Communist are FURIOUS of the supposed ‘coup’ in Myanmar. So angered that they built a Wikipedia page (which is what they ALWAYS do to countries they are going to destroy): 2021 Myanmar coup d’état – Wikipedia

It was never about Trump per se. He was only stopping the Left for a short spell. Leftists seek worldwide domination. Millions more aborted babies. Trans freak shows, immoral, godless destruction.

Many call the COMMUNISTS, “Globalists”. That’s a diversion. Not naming is a distraction. A way of not dealing with the satanic spirit they are under

The Left lost 4 years of destroying countries for the Left wing mantra which is to take all of your hard-earned money and give it to themselves. Its ALWAYS about money. Communism is about theft.

The Leftists are the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Napoleon’s of our time. Nothing less than world domination will they desire. Do not listen to their lying accusations. They LIE. They just want the whole world under Communism (Anti Christ, Beast system). Nobody is safe from the Leftists. NO country can flourish while they live.

“Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?” Revelation 13:4

GOD can. God WILL stop it. Jesus CAN. He WILL destroy the Communists.

It is written.

We must cry out to GOD and plead with HIM to deliver us.

5 thoughts on “#Commie Twitter Suspends Italy’s Conservative Party Before Their Election. So-It WASN’T About #Trump, Its About WORLDWIDE Leftist Domination

  1. I remember Trump saying repeatedly that “they” are not out to get him. They are out to get “us” and he is just standing in the way. He was right. Things are happening at lightening speed now. They don’t even try and hide it. Our Salvation is at the door.

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  3. As it is written in scripture, we cannot stop this open frontal assult to destroy Gods people. Yes God raises up kings, all of them, trump, obama, bush, clinton, biden, all of them. Problem is lately all are tools of judgement. We indeed do have free will. Yet prophesy says exactly whats gonna happen. Thats not taking away our free will, its only God having written in advance with fore knowledge the freewill choices to be made and the consequences. Americans do have the power to free and save the republic. But they just wont do it. Its down to self and group resistance in defense not offense. Am for righteous offense but doesnt have critical mass. Prefer living in suck ass reality over fantasy as a defective bonafide human with my name (DNA) still in the lambs book of life. The jab is the mark of the beast-thanks trumpy-and one jab, youre out of the book, but the marks applications turn on over time for buying and selling. Once 5G is fully up, its there as the control mechanism. But one jab and the fat woman sings. My wife has 2 family jabbed, it dont change reality like or not.

  4. Stive;

    I believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast also. It changes a person’s DNA. It changes them from WHO they are.
    Thats why it IS the mark. Not because it is in the wrist, forehead, etc.
    Im sure people will finally get the wrist scan to be able to buy/sell.

    You’re the only person I know besides myself who believes it is the mark.
    I think the Holy Spirit has shown it to us. There are a few others but very few.

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