I Hurt My Thumb

I hurt my thumb pretty bad a couple of weeks ago. Its super hard to write. I don’t know if it is a fracture, bruise or what have you. So, please excuse me for a little time. Anyway, there are more than enough ranters out there. Ya’ all can do fine without my ranting.

Its pretty painful at any rate. So, Im going to the Dr tomorrow. Take care thru the wknd.

Here’s a thumb song by the Stones. I cant stand the Stones. What a lousy singer Mick was. Vomit. But, lots of people like his voice and love the Stones.

9 thoughts on “I Hurt My Thumb

  1. Really sorry about thumbalina. Hope her pain resolves soon. In my knowkedge, there is nothing a doctor can do for her beyond an xray to tell exact problem but you still have to fix her. If injury inflammation then multiple ice treatments. Eat ice cream at same time maybe. If broke, then do torture treatment and pull on it and twist a tad bit to set it and splint it. Doctors dont usually do much for hand phlanges. A loved one might help but then you may scream at them. Whatever, thumbalina needs a vacation. Horse linament, arnica, witch hazel etc so she feels better. God willing this will resolve soon.

  2. TY!! I did a sort of religious vid. I’ll post but I dont think its up your alley.
    It does not hurt my thumb to do a vid!

  3. Wasnt a stones fan. Did like a few of his songs. Decades ago i referred to mick as satan. Yes, horror- mick has some jewish ancestry. Yagur morphed to yaeggar into jagger lingustically if thats his real name. Did like words of his song the line that God will sometimes give you what you need. Though that was to balance out a satan song he did. To his credit, the stones were a rare band of that error that didnt squander their money and invested it for later. And mick shocked the left refusing to boycott israel and did concerts a few years back in tel aviv. All i knew as girls loved to dance to mick so it was good for me.

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