Signs & LYING Wonders, aka #AI​ & #Photoshop​

Signs & LYING Wonders, aka #AI​ & #Photoshop​

This didnt hurt my thumb to do a vid! Here I am talking about signs and LYING wonders:

My commenting does not work on YT. I dont know why.

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  1. Viewed via chrome since banned by utube for eternity but thumb & comments dont work here. Yes dire warning of caution on video, voice or print. One can now send an email saying i love you and receiver sees printed i hate you, changed by ai. Never get angry until check with real person or source. There is even more to the money changer tables than location. They twisted things so you had to give in temple shekel and not regular sheckel. They created exchange rates to fleese the people. To pay 2 shekel one might have to pay 6 shekel to buy 2 temple shekels. Heck of a scam. Nothing new under the sun ever since. Keep thump up.

  2. You got that right, if it shows up anywhere it would naturally be politics. After all, it really is back to : “because to us the wrestling is not against blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”.

  3. Yep bcz politics affect life. I bet the antichrist may not even be shot in the head.. it will probably be on video in photoshop to deceive.

  4. Well done. I have been thinking about the lies, human nature, race, gender and generation quite a bit lately. So many lies! Not enough time!

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  6. Post on Rumble. Rumble videos can be embedded on wordpress. Go to share and copy the embed frame url not the monetized url. Also truetube can also be embedded on wordpress.
    Bob A.

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