Tribulation Times-MASSIVE 7.1 Earthquake In Japan. PLUS A Volcano As Well! Etc!

Tribulation Times-MASSIVE Earthquake In Japan, 7.1. PLUS A Volcano As Well! Etc!

I can’t write a lot because of my thumb but here are the links:

Videos: Major M7.1 earthquake strikes Japan off Fukushima near the site of the Great East Japan Earthquake that killed thousands and caused meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant

AND: Sakurajima volcano in Japan erupts powerfully sending ash plume 7000 feet high

Australia also!! Tsunami confirmed in Australia after major swarm of big earthquakes (M6.0, M6.1, M7.7, M6.1, M6.1, M6.4) and their aftershocks hit the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

And, look at this! Giant ice volcano erupts in Kazakhstan (video)

Indonesia! Enhanced volcanic activity in Indonesia after Sinabung and Raung volcanoes send plumes of ash and gas 18,000 feet in the air

Here in USA, too: 2021 in a landslide: Deadliest week of avalanches in more than a century in the US

Even ITALY-You think you have loads of snow near you? Italian has to wade through FIVE-FEET high snow to leave his house (video)

Let us ALL repent, world. Turn to the LORD.

Book of Revelation – Read Chapters and Study Meaning

Jesus warned of the times of the END:

“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”  Luke 21:11

6 thoughts on “Tribulation Times-MASSIVE 7.1 Earthquake In Japan. PLUS A Volcano As Well! Etc!

  1. Age 8 played war in dirt pile with plastic armies and kids would scream all-ah – ka-boom. Interesting sounds but its now real to the adult world. Prepare for Christ or kiss the ka-boose goodby. Got cheerful news a brother in Christ in panama survived the hospital and is home! Praise God.

  2. Had just thought same thought. Esdras 2 is open now to read. Think it matches all scripture but explains at different angle. It was almost cannonized instead of revelation. Esdras II chap 12 has always been fascinating.the bird seems to be america. Understanding the heads, the wings and contrary feathers isnt easy. Need God to give the understanding. Also tense as the 12 kings, israel today has its 12th
    modern king but trying not to go that direction. Roosevent was longest american king but he wasnt the 2nd one. Esdras seems companion with revelation, zechariah and zephaniah but again only God can give correct understanding.

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