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  1. don’t you think, the extreme weather and the climate catastrophe is the reason you need to go green, as for frozen turbines, that wasn’t the fault of the weather, but down to small parts in their design that failed, nothing more, more R/d that’s all, cheers, have a great day

  2. The person died. It wasnt due to health. Just a part, the heart stopped. Shoemer needs quadruple masked to keep his hot air inside.

  3. very true, but they didn’t have the technology, we just over developed too fast, while thinking the world was limitless,thanks for the comment, may me continue to learn, amen

  4. I like this new threadreaderapp and I liked what this guy wrote although some seems missing now because I thought that this was where I learned that green tea didn’t necessarily fail because windmills in Minnesota are working fine but that Texas didn’t buy the more expensive models for extreme cold. . . this guy has good points.

  5. Diversity in income streams is a good thing. Lack of diversity in income streams has supposedly been the downfall of Venezuela. Likewise diversity in power sources one would think, would also be beneficial. The media and Schumer likes to play word games and trade insults without telling us all the facts and I for one think that there should be laws with strict penalties against them for so doing. People’s lives are at stake and if it’s corporate greed or governmental incompetence we need the facts before we act. Schumer hasn’t backed up his insults with facts. (?) He isn’t helping. He needs to pay a big financial penalty for mucking up the dialogue and creating a hostile environment.

  6. So many articles are out for a minute and disappear – IDK how to save them. Thinking of the article suggesting that the US could regain moral authority by “helping ” Myanmar grrrrrrr! But in terms of this situation there was a shortlived article praising Biden for aiding Texas without a lecture or a told you so or snide sniping of any kind, but as we know, due to article linked on other thread here, Texas did do the right moves prior to the storm but the Department of Environmental Quality turned them down cuz exceeds pollution standards – for a week! I haven’t seen that information anywhere else. Could be me. IDK. Odd that information would show on an obscure site that I never saw before, doesn’t have alot of timely stuff and nothing else that I am interested in. The DM disappeared the praising Biden article real fast – couldn’t risk someone telling truth in the comments section? Or are those photos of the paperwork Tx filed (in the other article) false information? So gazillions $ on infrastructure will now need replacement cuz TPTB wanted to put a hurt on Texas? Texas power bills appear to be half of what Arizona power bills are and Arizona power is criminally expensive and is part of the suffering that makes Arizona hostile to illegal immigration – especially when they cry that they can’t afford electricity in their home nation. All this scrambling around trying to get true information serves a purpose and it’s not in our favor at all. It is also a crime.

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