Uber Rich, Photoshopped @Madonna, Living In A Mansion Is Being “Crushed” By the “Patriarchy”… Lol.

Uber Rich, Photoshopped @Madonna, Living In A Mansion Is Being “Crushed” By the “Patriarchy”… Lol.

Madonna lives in a mansion, has made gazillions producing crap ‘music’ (except for La Isla Bonita) for 40 years and is complaining that the ‘patriarchy’ is holding her down and jack-booting her scrawny neck. Maybe she should try visiting the freezing Texans.

You know what I think? I think that she has a really good photoshopped picture below and wanted to show it off. She’s not being ‘squashed’ by anyone, she is the squasher.

This dude let her have it:

This tweeter points out that Madonna was on Epstein’s log:

This one really let the dumbbell have it:

This Bimbo believes women are not ‘=’ to men ……………….. Lmaoff. Idiot Leftists.

So many American women are whiny, nagging hags and complainers. I feel sorry for American men. Stay away from most American women, guys. They’re ALL a bunch of little Madonna’s. Save a few.

6 thoughts on “Uber Rich, Photoshopped @Madonna, Living In A Mansion Is Being “Crushed” By the “Patriarchy”… Lol.

  1. Madonna was that wicked bitch that came out when cyndi lauper was doing great. Cyndi attire hid that she was a wholesome human with good songs. My opinion. Wish madonna would go live in a volcano opening with hussein obama.

  2. Recently someone inquired about my employment history and I had to defend myself for my younger years instability in employment. It’s not about me, it’s about men who were always the boss in those days. They love to force a woman into prostitution by not paying enough, not paying timely, cutting hours – anything that they can do to get the woman into bed. Also multiple employers tried to force me into drug use for surprising jobs. (I mean you would not expect. ) I imagine that it is not so tough these days but perhaps I am wrong.
    Unlike Madonna I tried to dress conservatively and not attract sexual attention. I was just trying to keep a roof over my head and acquire job skills, work history, hopefully a mentor and a career path but it was seemingly impossible no matter how hard I tried. To have someone who sells sex for a living compare her situation to mine and so many other women who needed to work but found so much extracurricular harassment in the workplace – which contributed to my job flight – job instability history – how tone deaf, ignorant and insulting of her. STFU Madonna!

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