3 Dreams: 1 Of Massive Earthquake. 1 Of A Goat And A Rhinoceros. 1 Of No Internet Privacy

2 Dreams: 1 Of Massive Earthquake. 1 Of A Goat And A Rhinoceros. 1 Of No Internet Privacy

*I had a dream a couple of months ago and some of it came to pass: Half Of One Of My Recent Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing.) *Another dream I had happened of buildings on fire with looters and rioters: Horrible Apocalyptic Type Dream, March 16, 2020 (The looting of US cities started happening in May 2020, 2 months after the dream.) *3 Visions I Had Last Week, May 2020 – 1 Was Of A Captain of NY who was removed from power. GOD WILLING Cuomo is removed from power!!

In the first dream I had the other night:

I dreamed I was on the internet and someone’s private information came up in an instant message to me. I could not believe all of the information that was in this instant message about this person. It was terrible because I not only felt HER privacy was invaded but mine was also.


ALL people/s in the world: Your information WILL be known all over the internet in our future. Any and all things you have said WILL be linked up to your name. There is NO privacy in our future. NONE.

2nd Dream:

I was sleeping in the dream and all of the sudden, a major earthquake happened and it threw me out of my bed. In the dream, I felt that there would be an earthquake on the west coast.


3rd dream I had:

I was at a farm watching a very nasty goat. Nobody liked this goat on this farm. We were all hoping that a mean animal would come and kill this goat. To my amazement, a Rhinoceros showed up and began to maul that goat. But, here’s the kicker: NOBODY was happy that the Rhinoceros killed the goat because now we had a nasty Rhinoceros!


Discern if you must. But, I am hoping that Cuomo AND DeBlasio are removed from power. Prepare for an earthquake on the west coast. I believe this will happen.

5 thoughts on “3 Dreams: 1 Of Massive Earthquake. 1 Of A Goat And A Rhinoceros. 1 Of No Internet Privacy

  1. Dreams both warn and edify Gods word as they come to pass. I welcome them but dont always like them.

  2. Am not a dream expert, just a dream guesser. Took me a decade to connect 4 dreams as one and got it but not totally yet. Goats to me are opposite of sheep. Of course some sheep can see or are blind. Its seems the goat opresses people, so they want him gone. The rhino is far worse. Each leader will be worse than the previous. Thats all i see. Maybe more to come. We in deep do do. Once saw a low budget sci fi called rhinosauris filmed in buffalo n.y. space spores fell to earth and people turned into rhinos. Caused damage everywhere as one turned into a rhino in any location any time. With will power one could stay human but peoples will power kept slipping. Centered on last non rhino humans left. Really a dumb film yet said a lot.

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