TERRIBLE!! #Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

Most people know that I am pro Zionist and support the people of Israel, namely Orthodox, patriotic/or right wing Jewish people, J4J, Messianic and Jewish Christians like me. This is horrible.

Sharing names of unvaccinated people? Has Israel gone totally nuts? Whats next over there? No vaxx, no food? No vax, no work? No vax, no gas? Insanity and beyond. They’re literally setting up the Jewish people in Israel to be shamed and persecuted. And, that’s NOT anti semitic?! Commie/Fascist slime governments in the west are setting their people up for terrible persecution & mass slaughter. Nobody even know the long term effects of the vaccine (mark of the beast) except that it will land you in hell.

Wed, February 24, 2021 Here at Yahoo.

Israel’s parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation.

8 thoughts on “TERRIBLE!! #Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated To Be Shared With Other Authorities

  1. That’s Biblical!

    The putting minorities ahead based on historic inequity has got to be pushing some buttons and ringing some bells but all I’m hearing is silence.

  2. Been trying for some time to piece together how this can happen. In simplicicy, many people can turn against their God, nation and people. Nothing new under the sun. Whats unique is evil people out of christian ancestry are no longer called christians yet those evil of jewish ancestry are still called jews. Its a double standard and actually insane. I do think scripture is clear that anyone that trys to hurt israel or lie about israel or its right to its land will burn in eternal fire even if they profess Christ by their lips. But condemn evil people or evil policys even in israel is approved by God. I also think in all lands wheat and tares have been together all along. In israel both wheat and tares worked together for a long while for a common goal to build up the land. But once the land became built up quite well, the wheat and tares started to separate for other goals. The wheat built for a strong free safe place. The tares built for setting up the h.q. of the antichrist nwo. This is what seems to be happening now. Ive been stuck defending israel to survive for its majority wheat from antisemitic attacks yet watching the minority tares be as wicked as antisemites claim. Its a hard act to follow. The antisemites claim jews trying to desyroy christians disregarding that these same tares also trying to destroy the jews too. Thus the antisemities actually on the side of the tares thinking they doing God service. Also, men dont always start out evil but as they enter golden age often sell out to satan for some reason. These are very dangerous as some still judge them by former goodness never noting they flipped to evil. Some will play God. Think of this from job ( i love this prayer), God giveth and God taketh away, blessed be his holy name. A man playing God in the negative might build up an economy and then wreck it and want to still be praised. For God this is good but for a mortal man it is evil as he is not God nor pure goodness nor wise nor the creator with real plan and purpose even if we cant yet understand the big picture. God is not a child abuser letting Christ die and suffer. That was greatest gift of kindness to his creation possible. I dont even wish to get into how many people loyal to the 3td reich slipped into israel before 1948. It was thousands. Many may have changed for good but some stayed evil including trained offspring. Its like jesuit implants and there are those too, rising up quietly for decades. There is not a lot of these evil evil folk but they have over decades gained control in key places and funded out of good ole usa. Human greed allows them to co opt needed dummies to do their bidding. But yes, israel has a few very evil people at its helm now wanting to kill the jews for satan. The people that dont know this satan plan blindly go along with no evil intent believing lies told them. I guarantee the majority of lower and middle leaders are as blind as the public. And judaism as practiced today has a huge defect. Not knowing Christ is beyond that in scope but judaism has eliminated satan! Got a roaring adversary wanting to destroy each and every person daily, but how cam one defend from a stalker if you dont know he even exists? some top rabbis do talk on this but not many. This each generation amalek thing is not the same as the devil against you personally. Id love to go deeper but it would take days. So here i am in israel, pro israel yet i consider its leaders my greatest enemy far worse thn iran. I live with and amongst the people, jew, christian, moslem, druze and others and have common ground with much of them all simple honest working people. Im not against but no longer even support the military here. Im for the soldiers but not its now corrupted institutiion. Its a huge crossroads and am glad satans time is getting so short and why hes acting up so bad as his day praise God are numbered.

  3. Hope my last comment gets thru as it was an honest attempt to explain how israel got to its present deplorable state.

  4. And, Stive, I generally just leave Israel alone and do not blog about it all that much.
    But, when something is not right? I have to say something bcz I love Israeli PEOPLE.

  5. Thx for explaining. I kinda gave up trying to understand years ago but what you wrote makes sense more than anything else I ever heard/read.

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