Why Are “Obama’s Sons” Committing Anti-Asian ‘Hate’ Crimes?

Why Are Obama’s Son’s Committing Anti-Asian Hate Crimes?

I was looking around the net and I am seeing that many of Obama’s son’s are beating the hell out of Asian people. Of course, you can’t really point out their race….So, I call em “Obama’s sons’.


 Unhinged NYC train commuter sprays Asian man with Febreze, fearing he has coronavirus (Obama son)

Man, 68, in critical condition after unprovoked punch on Manhattan subway was latest victim of anti-Asian Violence (Obama son)

Black On Asian Hate Crimes Exploding; Actors Offer $25,000 Reward!

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8 thoughts on “Why Are “Obama’s Sons” Committing Anti-Asian ‘Hate’ Crimes?

  1. So just maybe there are others with that rare outa this world obama blood type OB negative? If a mask saves your life from a virus, then all seems possible.

  2. She’s as negro as mi suegra, as in zero! Just like the newest “Princess ” that forgets to spray tan the part in her hair. You aren’t that much younger than me but we both grew up in tri-state area – both of these women would have been considered as white and treated as white so clearly there is much greater benefit to being NOT white.

  3. Sorry I have not been by. I have Osteoarthritis and its not fun typing right now 😦

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