Burnt Out

I’m sorry. Im burnt out right now. Just no inspiration at the moment. I’m not even digitizing art. I don’t know whats up with me right now. Maybe I’ll get past it in the next few days.

At any rate, I’m keeping my eye on Jo’BAMA, (the devil), but just not interested in posting.

They lifted the mask mandate here in Ariz. But, the mandate didn’t affect me much because I bucked the mask wearing for the last year. Why? Because I thought it was absurd. Making perfectly healthy people walk around, wearing masks like they were sick. I refused. Sure, lots of ugly looks I received but who cares. I get dirty ‘cyber looks’ from Leftists and Nazis for over a decade at least.

I hear the Communist, fascist filth are calling for a ‘buy back’ on AR15’s…See….?? THEY can possess heavy-duty firearms because the government is SO trustworthy….Dontcha know!? What a crock. Buy more guns. Screw these monsters.

Anyway, I’ll be back but I don’t know what day.

Happy Pesach, Happy Easter/Resurrection.

15 thoughts on “Burnt Out

  1. Easy to feel burnt out. Prophesy says the devil and his minions will wear out the saints. We must not stop caring yet not get side tracked by all the horror news stories. Too much info, even if true, by repitition wears people out. I cant waste time on horror stories of people being sensely abused, attacked, murdered. Just be aware and retain needed info but not dwell on each horrendous case. Thats not being cold but keeping sanity. My advise is we all keep up our nutrition, physical exercise, rest and physical and spiritual prep. We all know this, but may we do this. I feel good in that the Lord chose me to be awake and worthy to not be put under strong delusion. That we are embattled and pressed more and more gives a sense of embattlement and desire to hang on and that is pleasing to the Lord. To be awake means the Lord has expectations of each of us. So take a rest during the days of unleaved bread of our passover lamb and redeemer savior.

  2. A feel-good video to prop up our enthusiasm here.

    OBAMA 666 LOTTERY” Antichrist

    It’s a copy of a video I found on Internet.
    Look at the three links I put there: the lottery page in the Chicago Tribune with the draw of the day after Obamas election which was 666!!!

    Spread this good news and it’ll make you feel boosted up by heaven. Heaven sent that 666 curse upon Obama.

    If anyone wants Obama’s real name, I know his Kansas cousin who witnessed Obamas birth in Kansas and she knows what his real name is. Why does no one want to know Obamas real name here? What’s wrong?

  3. Bidens fall means Obama’s also falling and we Messengers of the Apocalypse can now reveal Obama. It’s no need to be burnt out. It’s good news. Spread the news.

  4. Do any of you want to be the Messengers of the Apocalypse and join us?

    The video below shows the world coming to it’s knees in days flat.

    Now is the time or never to reveal Antichrist Obama.

    But time is short before the stopping of world trade will bring the world to it’s knees and we’ll be done for we’ll just have the minimum to eat – period.

    The Truth About The Suez Canal Crisis: The Supply Chain Breakdowns & Inventory Shortages

  5. Hi, we might be able to get out of this zombie sequence thanks to Israel.

    Breakthrough drug might cure COVID-19 in just 5 days
    BGR (Boy Genius Report) ^https://bgr.com/2021/02/06/coronavirus-cure-exo-cd24-trial-israel/ | 2/06/2021

    Researchers from Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center developed a coronavirus therapy that was found to cure COVID-19 in 3-5 days in most volunteers who received the drug. EXO-CD24 is a medication delivered directly to the lungs, where it’ll help prevent the immune system dealing with COVID-19 from overreacting and causing complications. The drug is administered once a day for five minutes via inhalation. In Phase 1 trials, 29 out of 30 people suffering from moderate to severe COVID-19 recovered within 3-5 days, and all of them survived.

  6. I will look over all of your comments later. I am resting a bit right now, Geir.

  7. happy passover and days of unleaven bread. By my count of new moon and barley crop i had communion worthily this evening. Will check out this rabbi in macon ga. Havent seen macon since 1974! Just relax and enjoy Gods creation.

  8. Hi,
    I’m coming in peace and appeasement.

    About the Antichrist Obama. The people who say he’l first need to become UN Secretary to fulfill the Antichrist role can’t say that. Indeed, the Bible says no one knows the day and hour. So how can they say it’ll be when he becomes UN Sec? It’s clueless.
    So those who say Obama’s still got a lease on time until he becomes UN Sec are in fact abetting him to keep on going.
    See what I mean AsheDina?
    There’s no excuse for not obeying the Bible which says to stand up and go forth to spread the news at once when the news of the Second Coming comes.
    I come in peace and there’s no need to be upset. We just have to OBEY THE BIBLE. PERIOD.
    We can obey the Bible joyfully, with a happy heart and with optimism for the future!!! Halleluyah! Praised be heavens signs of 666 that curse Obama as the Antichrist!!!! Thanks be to heaven for that.

  9. OBEY the Bible. Amen.
    People are making EXCUSES saying ‘he has to become head of the UN’.
    Its just an EXCUSE
    They should start getting prepared.

  10. Yes, AsheDina, you said: “OBEY the Bible. Amen.
    People are making EXCUSES saying ‘he has to become head of the UN’.
    Its just an EXCUSE”

    That’s how I think it is too. The Bible says those that think and say they know the way and they’re the truth will not be what they say, they’ll not speak in Jesus’ name.
    I’m trusting the heaven-sent sign of 666 because I feel only heaven can defeat Obama.
    The Bible just so, that only divine means can defeat the Antichrist.

    We should gather our forces and call out the Antichrist before he can do more evil to us all.

    Lock him up on him using fake ID.

  11. It’s very good news that the heaven-sent miracle happened that 666 was drawn in the Chicago lottery the same day as Obamas acceptance speech.
    Heaven didn’t betray or abandon us.
    Heaven showed us that Obama’s the Antichrist.
    Spread this very good news that heaven is backing us up in our mission to save the world: we are the Messengers of the Apocalypse…

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