2010 BOOK: ‘Marx’s Capitol’ Uses A Suez Canal Blocking As An Example:

2010 BOOK: ‘Marx’s Capitol’ Uses A Suez Canal Blocking As An Example:

I find it SO damned amazing that the more you go down the “Rabbit hole”, the more you see one ‘coincidence’ after the next in the world of political SNAFU.. Here is just another ‘coincidence in the evil, Communist, Democrat’ insurrection of America & the world. The author of this Leftist book brings up the Suez Canal in an example… However, the example seems to coincide with everything we’re going through….financially and geo-politically…

Planned? You be the judge.

Here is the book: @ AMAZON

PS….The ongoing gun grab: Conicidence???

8 thoughts on “2010 BOOK: ‘Marx’s Capitol’ Uses A Suez Canal Blocking As An Example:

  1. Like to think this ship symbolic for crossing red sea at passover, meaning our exodus from this foul world is at hand. Pharohs armys are coming after us but in Christ is our protection and salvation.

  2. Stive said: “this foul world…”

    This stinking foul world has the Messiah and Jesus in it, Stive. Like a lotus growing out of the swamp. It’s beautiful flower petals are made up from that same mud which is below, under it.

    Rejoice, but first of all do our duty, which is to run out and proclaim the 2d Coming. Do that by blasting the Antichrist Obama back to the rock he crawled out from under, NOW!

    We’ve got a beautiful mission to carry out, which is to bring the message of the Apocalypse to this suffering, harrowed world. Our duty is to bring that beautiful light to this world. We have to do it before the ghouls find us and destroy us. Hit them before they can catch us!!!!…

  3. Stive, “the foul world”, you know when we look at the world, we’re all like prisoners inside this dream. There’s this blind boy born to drug addicts. He can only have his faith to guide him towards heaven and paradise and escape from the doom and gloom on earth.

    But look at this poor child, if you look at Obama you’ll see the same clueless suffering there. He’s the Antichrist who’s the Man of the System of Corruption.

    What chance did Obama have? I’m a Buddhist you know and we’re not spiteful nor hate-filled towards anyone on earth and not towards our enemies either.

    Obama was given a rough deal from the start. His cousin says he was born to a black boy Jim T. Parks, (an athlete in high school) and to Obamas mother. Later he was lynched by KKK types in Kansas that are related to the family. Obama was denied his real name, so as to not reveal that crime. He did drugs from his youth and became a clueless lost soul.

    Our mission is save the Devil Satan, the Antichrist, from himself. To turn him away from Evil and come around to the Truth and Heaven. We must TAME THE ABOMINABLE BEAST by REVEALING it.

  4. Not sure but read that in swahili, obama means Bent, or used for breached birth. Bent he surely is.

  5. The Antichrist is the Hideous Beast: seven heads, ten horns etc…
    It would be a good idea if we could gather a group here.
    We could use Internet to spread the message that we’re revealing that Obama’s the Antichrist (Satan-in-Person.), maybe that’ll dampen a few of these freakish Antifas’ levels of noise.

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