Covidiots Pushing A New “Pandemic” Strain Of CV19? “4th Wave”.

Covidiots Pushing A New “Pandemic” Strain Of CV19?

Mac Slavo believes the Covidiots are pushing a 4th wave of the Corona. Who knows. The Leftists LOVED being locked up in their homes. Many have complained about going back to work. Most Covidiots want the govt (WE THE PEOPLE) to keep printing up checks for them.


Right now, the Covidiot propaganda is being thrust on the world, especially USA:

* Covid cases spike in Michigan as doctors say fourth wave takes hold YAHOO! News | 3 hours ago

* U.S. could face fourth wave of COVID cases CBS News | 8 hours ago

* Here’s what doctors expect in Houston as the fourth COVID wave slams the East Coast Houston Chronicle | 23 hours ago

See the search engines yourself: KEY IN: ‘4th Wave of Covid’.

Why are they pushing this supposed 4th wave?

So you will get their trackable vaccine.

I won’t be getting their killer vaccine: CDC Update: 2,509 Deaths By #Covid19 “Vaccine”. 8,287 visits to E.R. 911 Permanent Disabilities, 4,824 Hospitalizations.

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  1. Good post. That link to Mercola- there are so many speakers to hear; I could perhaps download them to Realplayer for future viewing.
    P.S. you live in my home state. Don’t know whether the libs elected here in NV would go for this effluent, at least they have not been total idiots by defunding the police.

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