#ISRAEL: Arabs, “Palestinians” Are Rioting & Burning In the Streets (Just Like #BLM)

ISRAEL: Arabs, “Palestinians” Are Rioting & Burning In the Streets (Just Like #BLM)

No, I’m not into the whole spiel about the ‘poor’ “Palestinians”. These are the same people that were given the whole Transjordan and then they tried to murder King Hussein of Jordan. Then, they were invited to Kuwait and they sought to overthrow the government of Kuwait. They remind me of the BLM.

Here’s what’s happening-

Yael Eckstein:

 ·Breaking news update: There are Arab riots through out Israel; in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and even Israeli Arabs in Um al fahem. Thousands of people are going out to clash with border police and IDF soldiers. The rockets from Gaza is a show of support. Today in Israel, you can clearly see the historic war, still taking place in our days, of darkness versus light. I’m grateful so many of us can tell the difference between what is darkness and what is light. Clearly, Israel is light. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we need it!

You didn’t see this that much in Israel when Trump was in office. P-Arabs are emboldened by the Commie-CRAT party.

Love or hate the Israeli people….if you choose to side with their enemies – you’re just a Commie piece of garbage. Or a national socialist scumbag and God will defeat you soon.

Zechariah 14:

2 For I, (THE LORD) will gather all the nations for battle against Jerusalem, and the city will be captured, the houses looted, and the women ravished. Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be removed from the city.

3 Then the LORD will go out to fight against those nations, as He fights in the day of battle

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  1. In simple terms, arab attacks on jews started spiking again. Then jewish youth in jerusalem in anger chanted death to arabs. Then arab attacks went balistic. The point is arabs chant death to jews daily and act upon that chant. In anger and frustration some jews chant back but they dont act upon that.

  2. There is a companion verse to zach 14; Jeremiah 51:20; Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingfoms ……. God uses israel to punish the nations as he uses nations to also punish israel. Gonna be heck of a show soon.

  3. Palestinians are the true Jews in that nobody wants them for a reason. You gave reasons but even day to day the Palestinian is easily recognized and disliked instantly. We had one at doctors office yesterday. She expects not to wear mask even though asked/told at least 10X. She shoves ahead of everyone. She wastes time while forcing others to wait. She demands extra from employees – whatever she can think up. She is on our dole. She has English but still gets interpreter which also helps her jump ahead because one can’t keep interpreter waiting. This at a Doctor who has had to hire nurse/social worker just to address issues of seniors abandoned for hours by dysfunctional ride service putting them at risk for negative health events like diabetic shock/coma. The social worker goes around the too crowded waiting area with food like nuts to keep the patients stable until their ride shows yet this privileged Palestinian Princess shoves ahead of all and refuses to let employees aid needy patients if she can figure out how to get in the way. We pay even transportation for her to act like royalty from ancient times. Thank God for my husband. She thinks that she is entitled to shove in front of patient in medical scooter and he let her have it. All the employees were grateful – they had been mumbling and rolling their eyes the whole time she was there. Maybe there are Palestinians who don’t act like this but unfortunately for them we know this predictable stereotype of hateful behavior from them. I just hate it when people perform to stereotype!

  4. Natan (boy-prophet on You Tube) predicted that missiles would rain upon Israel this year.
    AsheDina, I just watched a thread on the article called “Israeli’s Killed & In Underground Bunkers. Muslims In M.E. Emboldened By “Zionist”, Barack Hussein Obama”. (https://themadjewess.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/israelis-killed-in-underground-bunkers-muslims-in-m-e-emboldened-by-zionist-barack-hussein-obama/)
    Is QV (in the comments thread) that Malaysian Buddhist you mentioned to me?
    He knows Chinese history but not what I’m talking about which is the Mongolian King that Christians called “the Messiah of Christians”.

  5. Hulagu Khan was a Buddhist grandson of Genghiz Khan. His wife and mother were Christians. Mandated by his Mongol brother to defeat the Muslim Caliph of Baghdad, he marched to Baghdad, razed the city, killed the Caliph (but protected the Christians in Baghdad.)
    The Christians acclaimed him as the Messiah.
    Look at the coordinated attack led by Buddhist Mongols and Christians in destroying Islam in Baghdad. “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
    By Jack Weatherford” page 183. “Google search: leech Armenian christian baghdad”

  6. Finally A Real Audit – Video Reveals That Arizona Election Workers Are Running Ultra-Violet Ballot Testing On Maricopa Ballots
    The first day of an unprecedented recount of every ballot cast by Maricopa County voters during last year’s general election almost did not happen Friday.
    A court battle nearly stopped it. And, as the recount was starting, officials seemed to be figuring out rules and training on the fly. Later, the daily press briefings that were promised were placed on an indefinite hiatus.
    What was clear is that the 2.1 million ballots the Republican-controlled state Senate obtained through a subpoena are now fully in the custody of a Florida-based company called Cyber Ninjas. Rows of pallets piled high with boxes were surrounded by a fence on the floor of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
    This morning the President called on the Arizona Governor to assist with more security:
    After Democrats refused to fund $1 million bond for the forensic audit of Arizona’s presidential election results, former President Donald Trump is calling on GOP Gov. Doug Ducey to provide security.
    “The Republican Party is demanding that Gov. Ducey of Arizona immediately provide large-scale security for the brave American Patriots doing the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump wrote in a statement Saturday morning from his Save American PAC. “Gov. Ducey will be held fully responsible for the safety of those involved.
    “State police or National Guard must be immediately sent out for protection. The Democrats do not want to have this information revealed, and they will do anything to stop it. Gov. Ducey must finally act!”
    And a breaking video that was sent to us a few moments ago reveals that we finally have a real audit, and workers are searching for special watermarks on the ballots.
    The audit, which began Thursday, is being conducted by a Florida-based firm, Cyber Ninjas and it seems that they are looking into details.
    As the Conservative US reported back in January about digital ID systems inventor Jovan Pulitzer testified at a Georgia State Senate subcommittee hearing.
    Pulitzer suggested all absentee ballots in the state of Georgia be forensically examined and fraudulent ones identified in just a matter of hours. He called on state officials to allow the examination.
    One of the county’s polling managers previously told state lawmakers that she opened a box of mail-in ballots with a batch of 110 that were “pristine” and not folded, indicating that they were never put in secrecy envelopes, as is required.
    Pulitzer said that he and his team can detect if that’s the case.
    He testified that he can detect many types of election fraud with a simple, easy examination of the physical ballots, by running them through forensic machines designed to detect physical signatures of the ballots.
    The audit is being live-streamed from 9 different angles from the arena floor at AZAudit.org.

  7. Signs of the Apocalypse: the missiles sent upon Israel mark the Coming of the Messiah.
    Biden falling in Az, Obama falling in Az, Lindell rising in Az, Trump rising in Az;, and the latter bring the power of heaven with them.
    Time to gather the evil and good into one great healing and we all become one big family and recognize our debt to each other in this united world in the Day of Last Judgement.

    Send Obama the Devil to life in jail for all Eternity so we can all heal – and he can heal as well inside his cell by thinking about all the evil he’s wrought upon the world and repent, atone and REGRET HIS EVIL SINS DONE TO US ALL.

  8. Obama is disgusting. Now his gay flag is on every embassy.
    That was a flat out Obama trick.
    If ppl don’t know that freak is in charge, then there really is no hope for god forsaken America

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