KILLER #VACCINE-7,766 DEAD & 330,218 Injuries: Drug Reactions To #COVID19?!

VACCINE KILLER-7,766 DEAD & 330,218 Injuries: Drug Reactions To #COVID19

I won’t get the killer vaccine. The Left wants everyone to get the vaccine because they’re psychopaths. It takes decades to invent a vaccine. Yet, people ran out there to get this jab like it was popcorn. These people are actually dead by media, in my opinion.

Read the linked information in this post: 7,766 DEAD 330,218 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” 4/24/21

Hat tip – It is being reported that the number is up way over 10K now: Z3 NEWS

Keep drinking the kool aid until you’re dead, you dummies.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid – The Sundial

9 thoughts on “KILLER #VACCINE-7,766 DEAD & 330,218 Injuries: Drug Reactions To #COVID19?!

  1. My doctor that monitors my diabetes has been trying for 2 months to talk me into getting the vaccine. I keep telling her no,it’s not safe. Needless to say, she’s not very happy with me. Will never get it. Keeping the faith here in Montana. Thank you Pauli! You are one of Gods greatest servants!!

  2. Good for you!! Dont get that KILLER VAXX!!!!
    I hope God is pleased with me 🙂 ♥

  3. and those are the reported numbers! Unreported is always much higher. The jab is sort of a time release plague. Wait some months till fall/winter. The unjabbed/unmasked will be blamed. The white papers say so, as far as delayed adverse reactions and death. This has got to be the strong delusion as its world wide going the rich or poor, free or bond, everyone meaning to christian, jew, moslem, buddhist, hindu, anamist, athiest etc etc.

  4. Yep the doctors are starting to get confrontational with me also. I live a special kind of hell already – having to go to them yet having so many daily sufferings for decades that they ALL blow off and make like it’s nothing but keep me coming back when I get no resolution. I’m supposed to trust them but they let me suffer horribly? Seriously this hernia – gross alert – it inhibits my breathing, walking, I can’t reach to wipe my own ass properly or put on shoes – I have to wear slip-on sandals 365 – can’t even trim my toenails. I haven’t gotten the surgery because they all use mesh – once mesh and flesh meld you can’t re-open for surgery if they ever figure out what’s going on in there. Since nobody can bother to figure it out or explain I refuse the hernia surgery. The cancer Dr told me helpfully that they finally figured out where the cancer is – the huge protruding stomach. The next week I caught my
    breath enough to ask for more information – they told me that there’s absolutely nothing in my file that says the cancer is in my stomach. So I have had such mind fucks done to me many times by these so called professionals. This time I switched to new cancer dr. First appointment the hatefest has already started along with the pressure to get the vaccine. So I guess I am going to have to switch again. This just one of the unresolved medical I suffer daily.

    So someone I know took the vaccine and immediately went into decline. Had to cut work hours significantly. Couldn’t keep up with the old dog anymore – had to put her down. Many other symptoms showing decline for that individual. Now she has had a stroke. It will never be counted to the vaccine due to her age. But WE know. We saw the direct decline after the vaccine.

    Good find on this doctor. I will try to utilize the arguments in order to salvage my relationship with new cancer Dr or I will probably just have to die at home alone untreated at the rate this is going because I’M NOT GOING TO GET THE DAMNED VACCINE!

    I always wanted to use my experience to write a book about how our current medical system tortures and drives up health costs but I have been too ill to pull it together – once again they win.

  5. Dont get it! You don’t want to have more issues!
    Theyre fascist pigs!

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