#SouthAfrica Redux: JoeBama Admin Discriminating Against WHITE Farmers In TX

SouthAfrica Redux: JoeBama Admin Discriminating Against WHITE Farmers In TX

This is outrageous. Singling out a race of people based on their skin color. Democrat Communist bastards are BIGOTS. Totally. ‘But, Mad Jewess, ya’ all are the racists against black people’. GARBAGE!!!!!! Total bs!!! We’ve all been paying hundreds of thousands & millions in taxes for black Americans for 50 friggin years. Add 3 decades in ‘sensitivity’ TV & Movies.

There is NO excuse for this out-n-out racism against whites unless the Communist, Democrat bastards WANT America to be Zimbabwe.

Republican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller sued the Biden administration on Monday for alleged discrimination against white farmers. Miller, backed by America First Legal Foundation, claims Biden’s Agricultural Department’s racial exclusion of whites in their COVID-19 relief package for farmers and ranchers violates the U.S. Constitution and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Courthouse News Service reported Monday.

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Is this what Communist scum want for America??

I think YES.

6 thoughts on “#SouthAfrica Redux: JoeBama Admin Discriminating Against WHITE Farmers In TX

  1. Jobama administration not having white farmers shot yet like in s. Africa. Count the blessings before they go away, as they will. Its all sick. Them white farmers in africa are ususally good christians and feed the nation and provide good jobs to non white people.

  2. Suddenly Kameltoe pronounces US NOT a racist nation. Next day JoeBlow says America NOT a racist nation. They said except for white supremacists which we know means any “white ” that sticks up for themselves and doesn’t Ben Dover. The new arrivals to our area treat my brown spouse as white and they don’t care that he’s in a medical scooter and obviously old. (I’m referencing the black colonists that are now flocking to AZ in hopes of catching a racist white and winning a payday – every NDN and Mexican is “white ” in their minds so they are busy looking for that incident that’s going to pay off everywhere they think they can create one. )

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