Denmark Is Cancelling Johnson & Johnson Blood Clot #Covid19 “Vaccine”?!

Denmark Is Cancelling Johnson & Johnson Blood Clot “Vaccine”

Good, at least some country – somewhere is waking up to the Vaccine catastrophe. I know so many people who RUSHED out to get this shot. They didnt even care that there was NO research or experimentation. It’s like they completely lost their sanity.

Johnson & Johnson’s shot was temporarily suspended in the US and EU last month amid reports that a number of people developed rare blood clots after taking the jab. Deliveries on both sides of the Atlantic have since resumed, except for in the UK, which never approved the vaccine in the first place.

Denmark to cancel Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine rollout, except on voluntary basis – reports

I figured a black market like this would happen: Spanish police bust pharmacy worker accused of selling fake Covid-19 test results

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  2. IDK which vaccine my friend received. We had discussed the adverse reports many times and I had sent articles to her in hopes that her educational background would help me understand better but she didn’t get into that. Immediately after receiving the vaccine we noticed decline. She had to cut her work hours significantly. Had to get rid of her dog. Many little tells I saw. Then stroke. She is older so they will never count. This is truly terrifying.

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