Fire Dance..

Fire Dance, TMJ 5/2021

I hope ya’all had a nice weekend. I did. Nice and quiet. I really hate what has happened with the Covid Communism but I confess to liking the peace and quiet and being a homebody. My singing gigs are picking up again – but slowly. I told Dave that I would go back to the workforce – but he recently had another scare with his heart and does not want me working at all. So, things are tight. Which is fine. I have more than enough crap!

Anyway….soon, we will all be dancing in the fire as things become more Commie 😦 Since men are not getting rid of this illegal government, you will have to ask God for wisdom to get you thru the days of destruction in the soon coming future.

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  1. AsehDina, rise up right now.
    New Data Shows Massive Slowdown in NYC COVID-19 Vaccinations

    The number of New York City residents getting their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has plummeted by two-thirds in recent weeks — even though just half of those eligible have gotten a shot so far, Health Department data shows. Only 136,710 people age 16 or older got their initial shot of one of the three available vaccines over the most recently completed week, which stretches from April 25 and May 1. That’s down a staggering 67 percent from the all-time high of 410,917 people who got their first coronavirus jab in New York City during the week that spanned…

    What this means is that we’ve reached the 2/3 mark of people destroyed and the backlash by (we) the Messengers of the Apocalypse is ruthless. They’ll be cut down by our response of the truth answering to their lies. Boom!

  2. “Amazing and scary.”

    We caught this footage from a livestream with Doug Tennapel and Arizona House of Representatives candidate Liz Harris. It’s amazing and scary al at the same time.

  3. ******The Dems are turning themselves into clown shows.*********
    Senate Audit Liaison Accuses Maricopa County Board Of Violating Subpoenas

    The man pegged by Senate President Karen Fann to oversee the audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 General Election results accused the county board of supervisors of not complying with subpoenas a judge previously ruled were legitimate.
    Ken Bennett told KFYI’s James T. Harris on Monday that Maricopa County has not fully complied with the Senate’s January subpoenas, even though hundreds of subpoenaed items were delivered to the audit site at Veterans Memorial Coliseum the week of April 19, including the voting machines and tabulators used by the county during the election.
    The county also turned over the nearly 2.1 million original ballots cast by voters.
    But Bennett suggested there are people “afraid of something” given that Maricopa County has not turned over everything included on the subpoenas which a judge ordered the board of supervisors to comply with in February.
    “Here we are several weeks into the audit, and we still do not have some of the information that was subpoenaed,” Bennett said. “They told me personally weeks ago that they had taken all the routers and the internet connections and the hubs and everything out of the building so they could send it to us.”
    Bennett told Harris that Maricopa County’s elections officials said the auditors would have access to logs needed to confirm the electronic equipment had never been hooked up to the internet.
    “And lo and behold, they don’t show up in the equipment that they said would be delivered to us,” Bennett said.
    Bennett’s comments Monday represents the first time the public has heard of allegations that Maricopa County not fully complying with the subpoenas. The issue was not addressed during any of the four court hearings held about the audit in the last 10 days, including one at the Arizona Supreme Court.
    “What is ludicrous is not having an audit, what is ludicrous is the county and others won’t even give you the information that the judge said they should give you,” Bennett said.
    Bennett reiterated his prior statements that the audit is not being conducted for the purpose of revisiting the results of the 2020 General Election. Instead, he noted, the purpose is ensuring elections officials know what changes -if any- are necessary to perfect the election process prior to the 2022 election cycle.

  4. Evidence: Voting Machines Had Unauthorized Implant to Circumvent Security in Michigan

    Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney in Michigan, revealed the forensic evidence shows Dominion voting machines had an unauthorized implant installed to circumvent its own security features.
    DePerno said forensic images obtained in December 2020 show machines were connected to the internet, and evidence of “even remnants of foreign connections.”
    “We’re the only case in the country that’s been actually able to look at forensic images,” he told War Room, Wednesday. “Dec. 6, 2020 we went into Antrim County and collected forensic images of [Dominion’s] election management system. We’ve been studying them since that time.”
    DePerno and his team say they have “proof that voting machines used in the 2020 elections can be compromised and votes easily transferred from one candidate to another.”
    DePerno said they uncovered a Microsoft “implant” installed on the machines that was not authorized by the election commission, “which means the actual system itself would be decertified.”
    “You can use this type of program go directly in the database and circumvent any of these terrible easy security features Dominion has and manipulate any system they have,” he said.
    “We’ve shown how unsecure they are,” DePerno said.
    “Dominion wants to create this narrative which is a false narrative that their system is secured,” he said.
    DePerno questioned the company’s legitimacy, when their machines could be so easily compromised.
    “If you are a legitimate software company…that would be used in a national election there is no way that you would ever program a system that works like this,” he said.
    DePerno said “it’s a complete lie” that his case in Michigan has no traction, or evidence.
    “We have plenty of traction in this case, the evidence we have is actual evidence, it’s been verified over and over again,” he said.
    “We put it into the court record,” Deperno said. “It’s right there for everyone to see.”

  5. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!
    Florida private school threatens jobs of teachers who seek COVID-19 vaccines
    “Many universities are moving to require students and faculty to receive COVID-19 vaccines before returning to campus in the fall. But one private pre-K to eighth grade school in Florida has turned that on its head, The New York Times reports today. The school last week told its teachers and other staff they should avoid the “COVID-19 injection” because of the purported dangers that vaccinated people posed to students.
    A co-founder of the Centner Academy in Miami, Leila Centner, informed its 50 teachers and 25 support staff that if they choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they will not be welcome back on campus in the fall. Those already vaccinated will need to be separated from children while at school, according to a letter she sent to the school’s staff that was obtained by the newspaper.
    Science was alerted to a similar letter Centner sent earlier today to the parents of the academy’s 270 students. Centner, a former financial executive, started the school with her husband, technology entrepreneur and Republican donor David Centner. In the more recent letter, Leila Centner writes:
    It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known. … It is in the best interests of the children to protect them from the unknown implications of being in close proximity for the entire day with a teacher who has very recently taken the COVID-19 injection”

  6. /////////World stopping video.///////////********** Listen carefully.*********** The watermark situation in AZ explained. Trump organized a sting operation to catch the Dems in the act of manipulating the ballots.

  7. More signs of Dem melt-down into panic.
    Strange Recon flights over Arizona Audit….TODAY too!!!

  8. Planets are aligned says video, for things are ready to go on the sound of “Go”.

  9. Dems are hog-tied.Audit keeps on sailing along without one single hitch.
    Arizona Democrats, GOP settle over 2020 ballot review, but audit will continue

  10. The long agony of Antichrist Obamas defeat.
    Audit Official Says That Maricopa County Audit Could Last Longer Than Expected

  11. What’s on Bidens face?

  12. Maricopa stand-off is turning very ugly. Looks like the officials at Maricopa have flinched. It’s all downhill from here on. Spread the Apocalypse word.
    BREAKING: Maricopa County Officials REFUSE To Turn Over Subpoenaed Devices Used In 2020 Election
    Unspecified “security risk to law enforcement data” in officials’ refusal to turn over subpoenaed internet routers to state legislature

    Law enforcement officials in Maricopa County, Arizona are refusing to turn over electronic devices subpoenaed by the Arizona State Legislature this week, claiming that compliance with the legislature’s lawful order would create an unspecified “security risk” to “law enforcement data.”

  13. Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie Like Leo Bloom’s Blue Towel?

    Mark Zuckerberg is very possessive about his hoodie because he seems to think it gives him a lot of comfort. Does that sound familiar? It should because that was the attitude of Leo Bloom of “The Producers” towards his blue towel. The big difference is that Bloom is a harmless fictional character while Zuckerberg is an all too real near human who not only violates our privacy but censors what we can see including banning President Trump from Facebook. All this power that we allow an over-the-top neurotic who, as you can see, looks as if he is about to fall apart when he very reluctantly handed over his hoodie to the interviewers.

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