Hi, Geir’s News by Geir this time…the first-time post!

Hi, this is a first post where I’ll speak about the AZ audit, the vaccine madness, the Apocalypse, Antichrist Obama and awakening the consciousness of the suffering masses out there. Stand up friends, this is about your/our liberty. Obama the Antichrist is very bad news for us all.

Meet me in the comments folks!

If anyone doubted of Obama being the Antichrist, well think again. The proof is in the miraculous lottery draw of the Bibles announced sign of the Apocalypse 666, (that cursed Obama). Look at the links I added to the video text.

This is d y n a m i t e…

5 thoughts on “Hi, Geir’s News by Geir this time…the first-time post!

  1. This is my first comment to my first post.
    What better choice than this video of citizens suing AZ to overturn the election results. This will lead to Biden going to jail and Obama also. Wait for Lindell/Trump to pick up on this and for the rest of states to follow the AZ example as well. Very good news streaming in now!
    AZ Citizens File Lawsuit Seeking To OVERTURN Election Results

  2. Victory lap for the AZ audit on OAN in this interview with the AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward.
    Listen to her take down Liz Cheney (who happens to be Obamas cousin. Trump’s taking on the Cheneys and the rest of Obamas family, Clintons etc…who are all Obama relatives..)

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