Israel Mired In Armageddon And Apocalypse

Spread this immediately worldwide to everybody and to Asia too.

Reminder: Islam is 40% inbred says Wikipedia. That’s a world average: Pakistan is at the worlds top with 70%. Three in four Pakistanis are inbred (very probably it’s more than that.)

Kalachakras Buddhist end times Apocalypse talks about “razor-like fearful weapons” manned during Armageddon by the King of Shambhala, the world Savior who is Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Benyamin Netanyahu (who’s probably a Witness of the Bible) has massed tanks at the Gaza border and said yesterday: “Hamas will see retaliation such as they can’t even imagine”.

Probably mustering laser-technology, he’ll mark the Hamas top brass (already fifteen have been downed) and take them down with hits from drones, from guided missiles shot by the tanks, from planes, by targeted shots with razor-fine precision, that don’t take down people around them. When he’s taken out a total of 50, I imagine it’ll be over for good for Hamas. They’re downing a rate of several Hamas leaders every day now.

But me must now fight the battle of minds and that’s us the Messengers of the Apocalypse that must take ourselves of that work.

Israeli soldiers must change strategy and turn into an “Army of Compassion” for Islam and Muslims. First thing is to disarm, (instead armed with Compassion and Love) and then second is to enter the Muslim territories with protective vests and armored vehicles resistant to attacks, so as to carry out a War of Compassion where no one gets killed but instead saves lives and treats the sick and ill.

Indeed, Muslims are massively ravaged by inbreeding and illness due to that. There are countless medical NGOs, MDs, hospitals, aid funds etc…that serve Muslims in order to treat their massive illness, and Israeli soldiers must devote all their efforts to that mission for ever, from now on, working on the back of those medical NGOs etc…

If Muslims refuse to halt inbreeding, then force should/must be used. It cannot be avoided – but of a peaceful sort. By “force” I mean the power of law must be used to prevent them from intermarrying. Many US states prohibit “cousin marriage” and that must be enforced and penalties dealt out if the law is not obeyed. Muslims WORLDWIDE must be convinced to stop inbreeding. If they refuse they must be punished by law. It’s serious. It’s like people that won’t take a treatment, despite that they’re contaminating others and making them sick. It’s bad for them and for everyone else to have to deal with their illness and psychosis.

Once all Muslims in Israel, around Israel and the Army has fanned out worldwide to all countries in the world (and by that that Muslims have been taken off their inbreeding traditions and prohibited by law to return to their evil, dangerous, intermarrying ways,) then the turn will come of us Messengers of the Apocalypse, to reveal the Abomination, the Antichrist, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Barack Hussein Obama (aka his real name is Barry Parks ….Rosa Parks’ nephew).

We have a very high and lofty mission which is to reveal the Antichrist-Satan-Obama.

5 thoughts on “Israel Mired In Armageddon And Apocalypse

  1. 2) Revelation 13:18 His number will identify him. 666 The day after Barack Obama was elected in 2008 the winning numbers for the Pick 3 Lottery in his home state of Illinois were 6-6-6, where his zip code was 60606. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 is the total number of letters in the name Barack Hussein Obama. Verse 18 of chapter 13 tells us the numerical value of his name. Obama was in the Illinois Senate from the 13th district for 7 years. Verse 7 reveals his agenda of killing all of the Christians and Jews & establishing a global government. That same day the Pick 4 was 7-7-7-9. The Bible interprets itself. 777 means God’s Perfect Completion, 9 means Judgement. When put together it reads: Antichrist, God’s Perfect & Complete Judgement.

  2. Every time I see Gematria articles/videos, I cherry pick the info that relates to the lottery.
    Because I want the info to come straight from GODs mouth and not from humans.
    We can give our opinions but what would an ordinary materialist person say?
    The lottery is so simple to see that any Ordinary Joe would be dumbfounded when he hears about it. Statistically it’s impossible for 666 to show up >at that place and on that day.<… and must be a miracle straight from God.
    In Gematria, it's all very complicated and there's a margin of error. But not so with the lottery. It's a real "in your face" miracle.
    I'm based upon the Bible quote that says that "no man can defeat the Antichrist, only divine means (meaning God aka heaven) can defeat the Antichrist."
    That's why I cherry pick every article about Gematria and I only keep the lottery part.
    Admittedly the 60606 ZIP is strange, but an ordinary person can argue that: "60606 means that anyone in Chicago can qualify to be the Antichrist" and one has to admit he'd be right in principle.
    But when the lottery drew 666, well that was a double whammer. Why? Because heaven came back with 666 and drove the point home by the lottery. The difference between the ZIP and the lottery is that the lottery is for just one day. So logically, it designates any Antichrist-like event that happened that day. You know for example that on Inauguration Day people look for good or bad signs. The news reporters comment about how the weather looks. What the prospects of the new presidents work will be etc…
    So, having 666 curse the day of Obamas acceptance speech made him look like the Antichrist.
    That's for the ordinary persons point of view. Now you yourself, you have a gut feeling telling you Obama's the Antichrist from your dream-visions. Nobody can take that away from you. What you know in your inner self belongs to you, Pauli.
    I'm not taking any side in this battle because I'm an outsider from the start. I'm taking the view of the most sceptical person in order to find arguments that even he can't deny. I'm just asking the dumb questions for arguments sake. We need an iron-clad case against Obama. And only heaven's miracles can defeat and reveal him. If I can block the arguments of the most sceptical guy, then I have an iron-clad case.
    That's why I've honed in on the lottery and only the lottery. I hope this was comprehensible and I'm managing to make my meaning get through. Look at it like this: Gematria has been around for 5000 years but the lottery is like lightning in the sky and a thief sneaking up on us, it's brand new and a "one-time thing".

  3. I only put things up like that, Geir bcz to me, its just more confirmation.
    I saw the lottery also but spiritually, I just “SAW” it that one day.
    I see all the scriptures being fulfilled.
    I am not into the gematria either but the other facts they had were quite telling.

  4. I go with the lottery Pauli, because it numbs the mind.
    Also the advantage it has over the rest is that nobody can handle the topic.
    There used to be people who argued that it’s not unusual that 666 should have popped up but they’ve stopped saying that.
    Now they choose to avoid it totally and change subject, but it was very interesting to talk about what the statistical chances are for 666 to occur the day after Obamas victory (because THOSE CHANCES ARE STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.)
    That was a very convincing argument that Obama’s the Antichrist. But they stopped going down that arguments trail.
    Now they’re just fighting for Obamas survival in the AZ audit with fear in their gut.
    ….They’ve given up on saying he’s NOT the Antichrist.
    Why aren’t more people joining us in saying Obama’s the Antichrist?

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