#ISRAEL: Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

ISRAEL: #Palestinian LIARS Use Little Russian Girl’s Photo To Gain Sympathy From Idiots Who Believe Them

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

The Liars are passing this off as a little “Palestinian” girl that was supposedly ‘murdered’:

However, this little girl is Russian from Russia. See here at Israelly cool



People get angry with me recently because I am pissed off that the Israeli government jabbed a million Jewish people. I am against the magnetic covid19 ‘vaccine’ experiment injection, therefore, I am angered that the Israeli govt did this to their people just the same as I am angered with my own government. I think ALL governments are evil. Israel’s included. NO exceptions when it comes to governments & what they foist upon their OWN people.

By the way: Biden Administration Shown ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Proving Terrorists In AP Office Building

2 thoughts on “#ISRAEL: Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Russian Doll Edition

  1. Pictures are worth a 1000 words if one can identify from where and when and what it is. Pictutes used for other events can be malicious or just laziness to find a picture expressing an event. It is true that a fireworks in kentucky was used for a an assad attack. Doesnt prove the attack was real or fake as could be just used scene for an area where no journalists present or a made up event. God knows. I remember beirut scenes from lebanon civil war re used when israel bombed beirut. With technology and archives, no picture is worth diddly until researched out.

  2. I think its sick the way they used this cute little girl.
    NO respect for life at all.

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