@bellahadid – “From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free & Then Some!!

“From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free–And Then Some!!

A supermodel chick, Bella Hadid (I’ve never heard of her) is crying over the “Palestinians” and thinks they need to be ‘free, from the river to the sea‘: Boo boo….

Grow up, Bella.

Get your head out of your ass.

In my own research for many years on the net, fighting Jew haters from the ocean to the north pole, the equator to Timbuktu – I have sought out through google images, Youtubes, MSN photo’s, etc just to see how ‘oppressed’ the Gazans and the Ramallan’s are.

I didn’t find ‘oppression’ with these people like I have found with white people in South Africa–who are having their land confiscated and starved off their farms… On the contrary, in the ‘Pali/Gazan land’, I found Hotels, Restaurants, Jewelry stores, Fashion shows, Deli’s, beach resorts, horse racing, and more in Gaza and Ramallah.

Here is my journey through “Palestinian” land. This is what supposed ‘oppression’ looks like:

Some nice olives and peppers in ‘oppressed’ Gaza:

How about a few banana’s, pears or peaches?

PA warns it will stop Israel produce imports in retaliation – Middle East  Monitor

How about some avocado’s or plums?

A Palestinian vendor displays fruits at a market in Gaza | apaimages

Maybe some Gazan nuts?

5 steps to ecommerce success in Gaza

How about a field of strawberries in Gaza?

How about the annual horse race in Gaza?

Gaza horse race takes place on destroyed airport runway - YouTube

How about a nice dinner in Gaza at the “Rooftop”?

Palestinian families sit at “Maldive Gaza” cafe on a beach in Gaza City:

Need a necklace for your girlfriend? Gaza’s the place to get jewelry cheaper.

5 star hotel’s in Gaza on the beach:

A nice day on the bay with Pali kids and families..

Gaza's first five-star hotel provides luxury and hope amid the blockades |  Gaza | The Guardian

You can always head to Ramallah and stay in a nice hotel there: https://www.booking.com/city/ps/ramallah.html ,  Tereh Area, Ramallah, Palestinian Territory – Great location – show map

How about a trip to see the cars ‘oppressed’ Palis drive? Or the homes they live in?

Let’s go eat at a restaurant in ‘oppressed’ Ramallah:

AZURE RESTAURANT, Ramallah - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number -  Tripadvisor
PALESTINE PLAZA HOTEL - Prices & Reviews (Ramallah, Palestinian  Territories) - Tripadvisor

You can fool some of the people some of the time and most of the people most of the time but you can’t fool ALL of the people all of the time.

Look through Google images yourself to see how ‘oppressed’ Palis live. Im sick of these lies. Maybe you like the lies because you just hate all the Jews. Go ahead. Who cares if you do. I will still choose to think you’re a duped, brainwashed dope.

7 thoughts on “@bellahadid – “From The River To The Sea”, “Palestine” IS ALREADY Free & Then Some!!

  1. Thats weird, I have always wanted to go to Spain, You might get yourself in big ass trouble posting all those pictures though we were not supposed to know these things, and I am sure a lot of Israelis camp out down there on the weekends.

  2. I’m Portuguese 😸 Sephardic, Scot, Austrian and Iroquois.
    My choice: Portugal first then Scotland 👍

  3. U left out the roof top gaza swimming pools of the elites and arab mansions along many highways in judea & samaria. Actually this was an excellent compilation on the poor palis. I thought of a new protest movement to begin with signs that read- START THE OCCUPATION! Its time to crush the palis and take over and rule them. Maybe move them to east palestine called jordan. Israel might have to then occupy ten or so miles of the east bank to the top of parallel mountain chain as security buffer. Then the nutcases can just switch to end the occupation of the east bank. That is a better melody. That area is still reuben, gad & east manasseh land. If only israel had a righteous Godly govt. It will. King Jesus.

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