I’m With You, @EricClapton

I’m With You, @EricClapton Eric Clapton Decries Pandemic Response, Vaccine Safety in Angry Letter

I was reading how Eric Clapton feels very alone. No one is ‘rebelling’ against tyranny. Yes, we are. But, many of us have been monitored, censored, banned, some demonetized and more. You can’t see us because the Communist, Fascist pigs have stolen our public voices.

But, I stand with you and so do the few sane heads I know. I really appreciate this one song you did back in the 1990’s. “My Father’s Eyes”. I can’t tell you how much that song touched my life. I pray that god releases a strong anointing on your music….’for such a time as this’. And, remember, many of us are out here—with you.

TOS: Free speech is for FREE People. Communist/Leftists & German 1st Nazis (National SOCIALISTS aka Leftists) hate freedom. Their comments will be removed without mercy since they can't stand Liberty. This blog is not a democracy. I'm the Queen here and I reign supreme.

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