Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That’s Good. DONT Read U.S. Press About Russia

Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That’s Good. DONT Read U.S. Press About Russia

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I am reading all over the net how Russia is going to ‘get involved’ in the Israel versus Hamas terrorist issue. You have to remember who our press is influenced by: Communists, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Islamic Jihadists, “BLM”, etc. Our “Press” is going even so far as claiming Russia will enter a war against Israel. Nothing of the sort is being said from the Moscow press.

The Timeline:

  • Putin last spoke with Netanyahu on May 7, which was before the conflict escalated in Gaza, but after several weeks of clashes in East Jerusalem. During their conversation, Putin did not even refer to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Instead, he sought common ground on how the two countries view World War II. He also discussed bilateral trade and economic relations and the situation in Syria.
  • A week later:

  • “I would like to ask our colleagues to speak about the situation in the Middle East”, he said, “namely, about the aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is taking place in close proximity to our borders and directly concerns our security interests. ”
  • Opinion in the Editorial: Clearly, Moscow does not want to have to choose between its two allies in the region. 

     Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov:

  • Said that Putin would speak with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “if necessary”. 
  • Opinion in the Editorial: Russia takes an emphatically neutral position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, while insisting on addressing the root causes of the conflict. In other words, as worthwhile and necessary as a cease-fire is, what would come next? Another escalation of hostilities? Russia also advocates direct negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. 

    Read it at Moscow Times.

    Stop reading our press to see what Russia is saying.

    11 thoughts on “Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That’s Good. DONT Read U.S. Press About Russia

    1. Here is my opinion on prophetic events. It is subject to change as things become more clear; while theoretically possible, i dont consider russia to be gog & magog coming against israel. Am more inclined to think that nato of europe & usa forces is the antichrist beast forces allied with nations around israel attacking her. Prophesy shows the antichrist does not rule the world. He may influence the whole world. China is a good example of pure evil rulers, but that does not make china ruled by the antichrist just because they are also evil. Scripture tells us that the antichrist forces are troubled by two forces from the east and the north. As prophesy centers on israel, it seemss that russia and china is the enemy of the antichrist. It doesnt make them good but they are not controlled by the antichrist beyond some influence. The he goat from the west may repeat as america & europe. Russia does not have a goal to destroy israel. Russia does arm israels enemys but so does america and germany and israel even arms a few of its enemys for profit. Russia would welcome israel into its orbit but israel would have to abandon the west. Russia had offered israel to joint develop its gas fields but that meant not less profit for israel but a break with the west. I was for deal with russia simply because russia would have a vested interest to try to prevent arabs from attacking those gas platforms out at sea. I agree that putin is a despot, but he is whats needed to protect russia from enemies. The shah was also a despot but was good for iran and free countrys. Thats my take. Obama or another shows nato must be satans beast forces. Germany was free and went notsee. America is doing the same. One morphs into a beast. And for me, a prophetic dream long long ago showed me israel invaded by enemy forces being fought against, and those attacking soldiers were anericans. I suspect those american forces are nato forces under german command and not usa command for some reason like america itself a mess at the time. Thats how it seems at this time.

    2. Thank you for this synopsis.
      I’m glad you’re on this team with us, Saints. Baruch HaShem!

      Russia is NOT Gog. Natan, the Israeli boy who had that prophetic dream said Obama is Gog, therefore it is USA that is the evil and the west. Period.
      Putin has to do what he must for his country.

    3. Thank you for sharing this. It has long been my theory that the deep state wants to keep us at odds with Russia and make them the big, bad wolf. And yet Putin was the only leader who openly spoke against the slaughter and enslavement of Christians under ISIS. You can’t believe anything our media says.

    4. Putin is a good leader for Russia. Im sick of people treating him lousy.
      I love Russian people. They have a nation. We dont and this all makes me sick!

    5. Saints you’re delving into your studies and your own opinion.
      But the Bible says those things don’t depend on us and the Antichrist will fool everyone in any case.
      But take things from the top down instead and let heaven direct us:
      1. 666 was drawn when Obama was elected so as to curse him and tell us “he’s The One from hell”.
      2. Israeli boy Natan said Obama’s Gog.

      Why fight it?
      Heaven’s told us everything we need to know. Turn off the thoughts, the only thing our thoughts are doing polluting our minds?

      Do like Buddhists, go into empty meditation on voidness. Trust heaven. It’ll do things the right way. We’re just *****heaven’s HAND.***********

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    7. Saints sort of believes that Obama is satans son, the anti christ.
      We’ll ALL see verrrryyyy soon.

    8. Great, if Saints comes over, we’ll be strong.
      We need the backup.
      We can’t win it alone.
      We need troops in the Army of the Apocalypse!!!!

      Israel’s keeping it’s option to target Hamas leaders when they come out of their basements.
      The Apocalypse scheduled to occur in Israel.

    9. The Muslims are gathering their forces against Israel.
      That’s the signal when the Messiah comes.
      Get ready.
      It’s written and even in the Torah too.

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