#ISRAEL “Ceasefire”, JoeBama’s Cabal Would Cut Off Israel’s Ability To Cont’ Iron Dome Use:

ISRAEL “Ceasefire”, JoeBama’s Cabal Would Cut Off Israel’s Ability To Cont’ Iron Dome Use:

Here is the truth from an Israeli point of view:

More on this subject: Ceasefire: A Slippery Thing when Dealing with Hamas

The Communist “Democrat” party hates Jews. But, MANY Jews are Democrats. No, not all but many. I certainly will not ever support a Communist Democrat but it’s because they hate America and have destroyed my country and I can’t wait until God destroys THEM. Many Jewish Americans support these Commie-CRAT, Israel-hating pigs. I hope you’re happy that you have brought this upon fellow Jews in Israel.

2 thoughts on “#ISRAEL “Ceasefire”, JoeBama’s Cabal Would Cut Off Israel’s Ability To Cont’ Iron Dome Use:

  1. Few realize iron dome main function is to protect hamas! If there were no iron dome, the destruction on israel would be so massive that hamas would be crushed out of existance. With iron dome hamas is spared being crushed. If israel runs out of the iron dome missles and hamas dont cease fire, then israel finishes off hamas. Thus hamas cease fires just before so they dont get crushed. Israels leaders playing with fire not crushing hamas for good. One day, a missle from hamas aimed at tel aviv will have a nuke from iran or pakistan or n.korea, and if iron dome intercepts it, then its EMP on all of israel. I support israel but its run by fools. The leaders leave God out of the picture and trust in technology. Its been a year since israel announced its in the process of putting ai in full control of its military. Thats like saying satan will defend israel. I dont know how far along they are in this process. But God is israels protector and will preserve his remnant flock. The main blame is on the democrats. They always rob israel of victory in every confluct over 70 years. Israels leaders are like the people that said they were forced to get the jab. No they were not forced but unwilling to pay a high price to stay unjabbed. The price to do what is right is costly and hurts but one must pay the price.

  2. Saints, Netanyahu was jubilant when he emerged from the command center yesterday.
    You see, he’s got to ensure he’s reelected.
    He needs to buy time.
    Now he can buy a few weeks while trump gets back in the White House due to AZ and other audits. (And the prophecy of the Coming of the Messiah will occur and Israel can give itself up to the Messiah’s protection.)

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