#Obama (Gog, Anti-Christ) Is Called “Parasite” In New Book About The Dem Party. LOL!

Obama (Gog, Anti Christ) Called “Parasite” In New Book On The Dem Party. LOL!

Satanic, evil, devil Obama had so many people believing he was/is the “Messiah” & literally worshiped him. 79% of Jewish people, (Dem-Jews) voted for Obama and also believed he was and IS “Messianic”

BUT-We here on this blog believe he is none other than Beelzebub, Lucifer, Son of perdition, Gog, Anti Christ. So, its no accident that someone calls him a parasite.

Former President Barack Obama is described as a “parasite” on the Democratic Party in a new tell-all book about the 2020 election — saying the former president used the party as a “host” for his re-election campaign.  MORE: @ The NY Post

My thoughts on satanic Obama…

Fact: A few hours after his ‘win’ in 2008, the lottery came up “666”:

FACT: The city Obama was living in at the time of his election win in 2008 was Chicago, 60606.

FACT: Obama’s secret service code name was “Renegade”

FACT: Obama’s Limo was called “The Beast”.

Flies landed right on his face.. “Lord of the flies”

Ba'al and Barack: The Promise of Economic Prosperity ...
Obama: Lord of the Flies? | Revelation Now

I personally believe he is the 6th and the 8th King in the book of Revelation: Obama, The 8th King In Revelation 17

He wrote a very nasty book all about Israel: Obama’s Revisionist ‘Promised Land’ – aish.com

Even a 14 year old boy from Israel had an outer body experience stating that Obama is the GOG and will attack Israel and then the Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus will come and bury Obama in the land of Israel:

Obama is running the white house: The Shadow President.

The “King of fierce countenance”

JPS Tanakh 1917
‘And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors have completed their transgression, there shall stand up a king of fierce countenance, and understanding stratagems.’ stratagem: deceptionintriguedevicemaneuvercontrivance.

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  1. Germans have translated a video about the AZ audit and election fraud.
    Antichrist Obama’s going down fast. Falling like a rock. Swarmed by the world news coverage.

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