WOW: Ship Carrying Auto Parts Sinks Off Japan Coast

WOW: Ship Carrying Auto Parts Sinks Off Japan Coast

Everything is going up in price. Inflation is here to stay. And once the rest of the world figures out that we are just printing money and buying their products with worthless paper, everyone will flee the dollar. Buy what you can now, hard assets will only go up in price. Buy extra car parts just to have on hand. Brake pads, rotors, oil and air filters, spark plugs, hoses.

Video hat tip, Nicholas-

Read it here: FREIGHT WAVES.

4 thoughts on “WOW: Ship Carrying Auto Parts Sinks Off Japan Coast

  1. Some one open a fish & parts shop. The list of car parts to have on hand is good. Am sure there are even more others may think of. Id add 4 spare new tires, fuses, spare battery, wiper blades, light bulbs, portable battery jumper device kept charged up, and air pump powered by battery hook up .maybe 20 gallons of gasoline safely stored in proper containers. Each item is a small victory.

  2. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to buy extra auto parts just to have on hand – unless you own an auto parts business, or you’re expecting those parts to go bad soon anyway. There are literally thousands of various parts for each make and model, and a person could go broke trying to stock up on them, on the off chance that one of those parts will go bad. If it’s an older car, it’s just as likely that you’ll have to buy a newer one anyway, due to multiple problems. At that point, what do you do with all those extra parts?

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