Big News! Jesus will certainly come at Mad Jewess’ because only those who stand up against the Antichrist will be saved. Let’s ask a few questions about that.

Pauli, there’s nowhere on Internet a blog where people openly say (and that have a blog master like you, that says that): Obama’s the Antichrist. So, Jesus can’t come anywhere else than here, to bring the message that Obama’s Satan the Antichrist. (Because anywhere else, he’d be refused to speak.) This is indeed a favorable place for Jesus to come.

Now, we’ve got to clear the air for people at this blog, who may doubt that Obama’s the Antichrist. We have to prove to them that he is. What proof do we have?

In a court of law, it’s like in a court of heaven, you need evidence to prove your case. (Now we’re in the Day of Last Judgment before the Court of Heaven.)

So for arguments sake, I’ll play the Devil’s Advocate, play the fool by asking the inconvenient questions (in order to fully prove that Obama’s the Antichrist).

In a court of law, most of the arguments (about Obama being the Antichrist) that can be seen on Internet about f ex. Gematria, Hebrew/Aramaic names, predictions, visions, those will all be thrown out as crazy by the defense lawyers and…Obama will walk free because we couldn’t corner him. He’ll slip through the trap like an eel, one more time.

Now in a court of heaven, proof is also needed. And it must be iron-clad, incontrovertible proof.

A lottery draw is not Gematria, nor a vision, nor a weak sign (in that it’s a number everybody can see), nor a prediction (seeing the lottery really took place and that’s documented on video, via newspapers, via the lottery’s historical records. etc…), nor some Hebrew interpretation of a name.

No lawyer working for Obama, can defend Obama against the lottery draw of 666 by saying the lottery didn’t happen or that Obama didn’t give his acceptance speech in Chicago the same day as that lottery in Chicago.

So, by that simple fact, by making the opposition speechless, Obama’s proven to be the Antichrist and nobody can deny the proof of it. We win. By this, we can gather our forces here at Mad Jewess because they’ll have the arguments to defeat the people who say we’re using worthless arguments to call Obama the Antichrist. We’ve got the arguments and they can’t find anything to shoot back with. We have the incontrovertible proof that Obama’s the Antichrist. Now our job is to spread that news everywhere worldwide and particularly to China, where COVID comes from. People are falling like stones, around us, being jabbed, being hounded by Antisemites, living isolated, losing their way; like zombies, lost in their mad worlds. We have to unite, – us among ourselves – and have our backs. Jesus will come from our ranks at Mad Jewess and can’t come from anywhere else because everybody has become lost and clueless in the world. Just take a look out there. It’s a wild wasteland now.

He can’t come anywhere else, because all hope of surviving worldwide is now lost. It’s all on our shoulders, Pauli. Yes, we are the only ones who say Obama’s the Antichrist. We’re the last rampart against Satan. We’re the Last Hope Of Jesus.

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  1. The lottery number is certainly a seriously strong indicator. The one that dropped out of Heaven, so to speak. Then there is his zipcode… 60606 in Chicago at the time of his coronation

    However, I look to the characteristics of this horrible devil called the ‘anti christ’. The Bible never mentions “Presidents” only Kings. The Bible was written thousands of years ago. Nobody would have known what a “President” was yet.


    1. People are looking for a Hollywood movie start type to suddenly come onto the scene again who will be good looking, etc.

    2. That already happened with Obama. When he showed up and WON the presidency BY DECEIT, his face was on every magazine and not just once or twice. ALL THE TIME. He was on all of the shows all the time. The Leftist idiots made art with his body/face, even made made a painting of Obama as Jesus. The worship of OBAMA was disgusting. (I also have to say that the way people worshiped Trump was idiotic also)

    3. Obama is the “King of fierce Countenance”. “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up” (Daniel 8: 23) Obama used hypnosis also. His countenance IS fierce. His face is hard. His eyes are not friendly.

    4. “The King who will not desire women”. IMO, it looks as if he does not even desire his supposed trans wife. Let alone women.

    5. “The King who changes times and law”. That is what he did during his 8 yrs. Homosexual marriage, paid for abortions. And much much more.

    6. “He blaphemes God”, Go look at his blaspheming God on Youtube in one of his early videos. He is REPULSIVE. He is “different from the other ‘kings’ before him”, DUH!! He is BLACK, the other western/American kings were WHITE.

    7. “He will rise from obscurity”…a “little horn”. Obama was a NOBODY. Nobody knew who he was.

    8. “He will subdue three kings”, Hello? Mubarrak, Gaddafi and Yanukovych and he failed against Assad because many of Assads people are Christians who prayed.

    9. “He will oppress the saints and be successful for 3 ½ years”….
    In his 2nd term, he brought HELL to the middle east saints/Christians: HELL. There is NO telling what he will do to US if WE dont fight him and NOT allow him in the White house.

    10. “He will be worshipped by many people” (Rev. 13:8) The evil ones of satan totally worshiped OBAMA and still do..

    11. He will hate a nation that initially will have some control over his kingdom, but he will destroy this nation [Rev 17:16-18] He has murdered America. Trump was only a reprieve. Obama is back running this SNAFU right now & the only people seeing this are FEW.

    Obama is waiting for the OPPORTUNE time right now (Just like satan does): Either Biden to get fatally ill or a catastrophe to come back onto the stage again.

    The whole world will MARVEL because he once WAS “King”, then was NOT King but will take the seat by force. Then the Obama’ites will worship him and do whatever he says.

    Thats what I see.
    Its just Obama fits SO MANY characteristics of the Anti Christ. There are 2 beasts.. He could be ONE of those but I believe he is the ‘son of perdition’.
    If we’re totally wrong, then we’re wrong & would be willing to admit it but this is what I see coming and I have seen this for quite awhile.

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