Is Nick Fuentes Becoming A Cancel Culture King For the “Right Wing?”

Is Nick Fuentes Becoming A Cancel Culture King For the “Right Wing?”

If a person does not want to have morale support for Israel…so what. Who cares. Their choice. LEAVE THEM BE.

Nick Fuentes wants Americans to ‘cancel Israel’. He is a Cancel Culture King for the ‘right wing’ . If you don’t cancel Israel, you’re ‘treasonous’. [Kinda like…If you dont apologize for bad mouthing bad black behavior, your life will be destroyed for ‘treasonous’ behavior against blacks…..] Oy vey…. cough, cough..bullchit..

Anyway: Nicky boy called out little Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire and his writers for having moral support for Israel. Im not a fan of Shapiro. He said something that I think was terrible years ago:

  • Shapiro doesn’t care about the ‘Browning of America’. HE is part of the problem. Like it or not, people… WHITES made America (white men) what it is/was and no one else. They built all of the skyscrapers, they built the cities, they farmed the country, they pioneered the whole land. Not browns, not blacks, not yellows, purples or what have you. Yet, ‘browns’ are a majority in this nation, now. And that is NOT a good thing. It means the people who built it are becoming less and less–this is bad. The fact that Shapiro and his writers have moral support for Israel is not an issue.
  • Nick’s issue is that he believes that if people have moral support for Israel, they are ‘treasonous’. I don’t get that. Why? I’m a ‘person of the book’. I love the Bible. Why wouldn’t I love and support Gods land? Nick believes America went to ‘war for Israel’. I don’t. Saving Jews=NO $$$$. Oil = MONEY. America is about the almighty buck, not saving some Jews in Israel. There is ZERO dollars to be made in saving Jews. At any rate: I can certainly have support for God and his land. That’s not treasonous. Its not against God. Its not against country. Its just loving God and his land, period. The majority of my posts are on OUR issues here in Babylon-America not Israel anyway. If a person does not want to support Israel…so what. Who cares.
  • My question is: Who the hell asked this kid, Nick for moral support for Israel? Whoever did this needs to have his/her mouth washed out with soap. Who needs Nick? Nicky boy… honey… Move on about your life and stop worrying what Shapiro supports or what his writers support. If his writers wish to have moral support for Israel, what is that to you? Are you becoming a ‘cancel culture’ King for the ‘right wing?’ Live and let live.
  • In my opinion, Nick Fuentes’ beef with Shapiro should be his stance on the browning of America. Stay on the subject that’s really bothering you, kid: The browning of America. Because that is the REAL issue for whites in America. Nicky, you’re not going to get people to turn away from their moral support for Israel because it’s a GOD thing. Stop wasting time. You WILL lose that battle in the end at any rate:

Zechariah 14 1-5

I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it………. Then the LORD will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights in the day of battle.

Why stress about it, Nicky boy.

Worry about America, first. Not Israel. Like you always say…

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