If You’ve Lived In Cali, You Understand This Is “Earthquake Weather”

If You’ve Lived In Cali, You Understand This Is “Earthquake Weather”

Its so dry in Calif right now.. Arizona also. America is so far out of the graces of God that anything awful is possible & my friends live near the San Andreas fault line..

I’m really worried about my friends stuck in exile there. I went thru the 6.9 on the Central coast in 1989. The weather was just like now. totally dry and warm. Im really worried for my closest friends and I ask God to please protect them if a ‘big one’ is coming.

Here is the news today on the Earthquake swarm: Read about this 5.3 quake in S. Calif.

Here also: 10 NEWS.

Dutchsince is doing a video right now, live:

5 thoughts on “If You’ve Lived In Cali, You Understand This Is “Earthquake Weather”

  1. Me SO immediately says “Induced by foreign powers?”
    I trust nothing anymore. If HAARP can do it I’m sure others can too.

    Years ago I learned from “Watchman On the Wall” about how the “capitalism” allowed by CCP is all front for their military. X how many thousand has this occurred on our soil? Who is counting instead of covering up? So yes faith based organization educated me & thank you! Even then I saw that many times far left and far right often appalled by same things and sometimes even for same reason.


    For your something evil this way comes. We don’t know who is doing the ransom hacking. We don’t trust our media or government and both give daily reminders why. So the globe is giving us signs. Many are seeing the same as you MJ.

    Nothing is as it seems. In this house we do not believe that we even have a nation left. We think that the concept of nation is just a trick to get our compliance for something distasteful. Nationhood is antiquated but useful for manipulation of the masses. It seems that the young and the left accept this global citizen idea without question. Yesterday the VA called my 80+ husband and tried to bully him to get the vaccine “for the good of the nation.” Small example.

    Also yesterday the doctor told us that if we need LTC we won’t get it – apparently that system has collapsed from Covid-19. Warning us to prepare. That’s OK. We don’t envision subjecting ourselves to racist hater “caregivers” anyways. I hope God can forgive us.

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