Last Night I Had A Dream That I SLEW A HUGE Pterodactyl Reptile/Bird

Last Night I Had A Dream That I SLEW A HUGE Pterodactyl Reptile/Bird

Dinosuar: New species of pterodactyl that flew more than 200 million years  ago unearthed | Nature | News |

This dream was in-cred-i-ble!

Here it goes:

I was with my former husband (He passed away) but there we were, just taking a walk up a mountain. All of a sudden, huge Pterodactyl’s showed up. People were astonished. It’s like they arrived out of no where. They were ugly and huge. They could run so fast. You cannot believe the speed of these bird-reptiles. They were killing people all over. They would literally bite off people’s heads.

Then, one of the Pterodactyl’s was coming close to Mike and I. It came down on Mike and bit his head off!! I could not believe it. I was stunned. BUT, I had NO time to sit in wonderment. I said loud: “I WILL KILL THIS PTERODACTYL!

Then, the Pteordactyl came down on me to attack and kill me. BUT, I grabbed it’s beak with both hands and began to pull it to crack it’s jaw. I just kept opening it’s jaw, wider and wider. I finally let out a huge yell: IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!”……After I did that, the Pterodactyl laid on the ground and DIED! THERE IT WAS! DEAD!

People could not believe what I had done to that thing. They came from miles away to take a photo of the thing, dead by little ol me! This ancient monster was DEAD at my hands by the supernatural power of God. It’s huge beak broken. It just laid there – gigantic – and dead. Taken out by NO gun or weapon, just little Mad Jewess and her God given Samson strength at that time.


We are coming to a time where the Lord will give us supernatural strength to defeat satan of old, that ancient monster. People who try to harm us will be EXTERMINATED. Do not touch the Lord’s anointed. You will surely die. Just like that Pterodactyl.

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  1. Too wierd that pterodactyls were in our conversation yesterday evening but nothing like that!

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