Hi Pauli, got a story to tell you. It’s not about talking about religion or anything like David talked about. I’ll keep it to the comments anyways, and not the headlines here.

Hey people, we’re entering the danger zone. Imagine if Obama and Biden get jailed for voter fraud. Imagine your Dem neighbor going crazy. Brr! Bad karma.

Now I’ve got this incredible revelation to make Pauli and it’s nothing like David said about Jews converting or Christians converting: I’m not into converting anyone to anything. I’m just this university guy with lots of books and sources. I’ll tell you in the comments so it’s out of the article text. But this is out of this world, I warn you all to hold onto to your chairs or be knocked off balance by the blast.

I got a whipping post but no one to whip!!!!

19 thoughts on “Hi Pauli, got a story to tell you. It’s not about talking about religion or anything like David talked about. I’ll keep it to the comments anyways, and not the headlines here.

  1. Watch out Pauli, this is tough stuff.
    From the deserts of AZ a clamour is rising.
    Spread this like crazy.
    I’m writing this in the comments because David objected to things being too much “front and center” and that would throw people off the blog by discouraging them.
    But this isn’t really about religion in terms of traditional faiths because this is cross-faith university research.
    I talked to you about this Mongol Khan Hulagu that killed the Caliph of Baghdad. He was a Buddhist with Christian wife and mother at home with him. But he was also a tolerant Buddhist that killed the Caliph just because the Caliph wouldn’t bow down to the Mongols and pay his tribute/taxes.
    OK, now fast forward.
    Hulagu dies a few years later in Iran, on the north border with Azerbaijan. But his tomb isn’t found. They say he’s buried on an island in a lake at Urmia.
    Urmia has nothing of note except for the tomb 20 miles away of “Shams e Tabrizi” a Muslim saint.
    Shams? Wait a minute. Shams that rings a bell. Where did I see that name? BINGO!!!!!
    I saw that in the Buddhist Kalachakra Apocalypse. It says “In the end times the King of Shambhala will be revealed and emerge from concealment.”
    Are you following what I’m saying?
    Read my lips: The Khan Hulagu was acclaimed by the Christians in Baghdad as their savior and messiah. I talked about that. But now we’ve got a different ballgame with Shams e Tabrizi. Tabrizi is a mammoth Muslim saint. He’s the inspiration for the superstar saint Rumi, the most published Muslim poet in the world.
    So, this Khan who’s killed the Baghdad Caliph, has founded the dynasties of Iran, Irak, Syria, Afghanistan and the Muslim countries are burying this king at his death. So it’s a cumbersome legacy because although he’s benefited the kingdoms and passed them on to his dynasty and sons, he’s still got this legacy of destroying Baghdad and killing the Caliph. Also, the Christians see him as the Messiah and the Muslims can’t forget that. So, they want it both ways. They want their king to be the Messiah for both the Christians and Muslims. In order to do that they’ve got to imagine a double life for him. In one life, he’ll be the Messiah for Christians and in the other he’ll be the Muslim Messiah. That’s where you see History recording the Life of Hulagu Khan on one side and the Life of Shams e Tabrizi on the other.
    You can see the giveaway detail in their stories of how both Shams and Hulagu died. They both died without leaving any trace. But the places they’re claimed to have died are two towns (cities of “Koy and Urmia”) 20 km away from each other with only desert around anywhere else.
    You know Pauli the Messiah won’t be just Christian Jewish Buddhist /or MUSLIM,/ he’ll be for everybody just in the same way. And the thread that links this Buddhist Hulagu to Christianity’s Messiah and to the Muslim Messiah is the Kalachakra’s exposition of the Apocalypse and how that’ll unfold.

    Bottom line, spread this news everywhere like wildfire Pauli!
    The Messiah is the following: he’s the King of Shambhala announced by Tibetan Buddhism, that refers to the Islamic Shams e Tabrizi, aka Hulagu the Buddhist (with both a Christian mother and a Christian wife) King that the Christians in Baghdad acclaimed as Messiah. I know this will annoy the readers that contacted David, but it’s in the comments and off the main page now. So spread the news like wildfire, because there’s no holding back now, folks. Are there any of you in AZ who know about the Mongols, or is this all new to you folks? You do know that the Muslims say that the Messiah will be Jesus? You know that don’t you, right? “Don’t turn back” says the Bible “or be turned into a salt pillar” = SPREAD IT FAST.

  2. I’ll read it later, I have chores and I have to get my blood drawn and go to the gym.

  3. Yeah Pauli,
    It’s the same thing that I’m talking about, as previously with Hulagu’s story at Baghdad and with the Caliph. The Christians see Hulagu as a heaven-sent divine protection. But likewise, Hulagu served and respected the Muslims that he ruled over. Being a Messianic soul he was good towards everybody (even if he punished the Caliph with death for his corruption). So now, I’ve moved on to the end of his life and how he left the legacy of the Messiah for the world. Hulagu lived his whole life among the Muslims in Iran. So the Messiah that he was/is needed a Muslim type of identity to be with them. He needed a cover. So indeed, when you look at Hulagu’s biography in Wikipedia, they say they don’t know where he’s buried. And also look at the biography of Shams e Tabrizi who’s buried 100 km from where they suppose Hulagu’s buried in Iran. Shams also is said to have suddenly disappeared without any explanation. Look at the dates. They’re exactly the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shams_Tabrizi#Death Shams Tabrizi died just 17 years before Hulagu’s death. It’s in “a nutshell” from each other. Hulagu died in 1265. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulagu_Khan#Death We’re looking at the Messianic figure for both Christians, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims here Pauli. Both the place and the dates are practically identical. It’s mind-blowing.
    Not only that but Hulagu built a Buddhist temple at Khoy where Shams’ tomb is. It’s eerie. Incredible. Pauli, we’ve got the historical landmark of the Messiah’s tomb right there in Khoy. We can organize pilgrimages to the Messiah’s tomb Pauli. For the Muslims it’s a shock that he’s a Buddhist. But you know that Muslims say the Messiah will come back as Jesus. Did you know they said that Pauli? Well with Shams e Tabrizi’s Hulagu connection, that’s what we have. We have Hulagu as hailed as the Savior (i.e. Jesus) by the Baghdad Christians.

  4. Yeah, Obama’ll only give up when he gets handcuffed. But you can see he’s scared as hell. He’s a guy who’s been given a free pass all his life because he was a black homo fraud.

    Look at the last sentence below, Pauli. That says Hulagu Khan is the Messiah (Jesus). But he’s also the Messiah for all people and all faiths of the world. Jesus isn’t just for the Christians, Pauli. He’s for everyone and not just you hehehehe! You’re hogging the Lord Pauli. hahahaha! πŸ˜’βœŒπŸ˜

    King of Shambhala is Shams e Tabrizi, the Muslim Sufi saint.
    Sham and Sham.

    The two dates of Hulagu and Shams Tabrizi’s deaths are a mere 17 years apart.

    Wiki says that Hulagu’s said to maybe be buried near the island of Shahi at Urmia, in Northern Iran, but the location of that is uncertain. Shams e Tabrizi’s death is also likewise shrouded in mysterious conditions. Obviously, it’s a secrecy-covered topic.

    Shams Tabrizi’s tomb is at Khoy, just near there, at 70km.

    This is high university research and few can broach it. Tibetans are not predicted to achieve the realization of the prophecy that’s found in the Kalachakra. The Kalachakra says it’s Westerners that will bring the revelation of the prophecy.

    The Buddhist Messiah King of Shambhala is the WORLD MESSIAH because he’s also the Muslim Sufi saint Shams e Tabrizi, who is world-famous Rumi’s guru.

    As becomes the Messiah, he’s also Hulagu Khan the disciple of Tibetan Buddhism’s Kagyu School, passed over to the Sakya School by Chogyal Pagpa’s destroying of the Drigung revolt. (Chogyal Pagpa was the Tibetan lama who served as master for the Mongol King Kublai Khan and who ruled over China.)

    Hulagu is also the Messiah of Christians whom he protected in Baghdad and delivered from the awful leech, the Caliph./

  5. Pauli, the Messiah is Jewish and he rules over the whole world as his Kingdom. There’s no faith on earth that he is not the Lord of. The Messiah is Jesus and he’s Jewish. That’s pretty good news, indeed good news. The Obama bots are so nervous. They’re on pins and needles with the audit due in ten days and the house of cards falling down on top of them.Obama’s the biggest criminal of all history. I think the posts we did thanks to you are the historical moments leading up to the Biblical end of times. Very important indeed. It’s our duty to have been there and helped others with a hand up from what we know about the Antichrist. I want to thank both Pauli Dee and David here. I’ve really appreciated you both. Beacons of Light for the World. Very fresh world-view! Strong people.

  6. The end is nigh with the AZ audit winding up and the results out any moment now. Our job on this blog is done. Now we’ll see the blowout before our eyes. Hold tight. I’ve got your backs folks.

  7. You got the message out there really aggressive. If the people dont believe that the devil is Obama and Obama is the devil–fine.
    They’ll ALL see very soon.
    I used to write WAY more than now.
    I have pulled back.
    I can see why.
    Because Obama will soon be putting the earth thru hell

  8. Obama’s not doing evil in order to annoy you Pauli. πŸ˜‚
    If you say more, then indeed, you’ll just get flak from Obama fans around you. Everybody loves him.
    But I’ve noticed weariness among them and also I’ve noticed them getting pissed off when I say Obama’ll get life in jail. So little broadsides in their ribs slowly hurt them and that’s good because it helps them atone for their sins. I’m making them suffer and I can see their pain getting worse. ROFLMAO! It helps them?

  9. You’re right, annoying the Obama-Trons is a good thing.
    Years ago, when he was in power, I used to play this song:

  10. Was Trump right about hydroxychloroquine all along? New study shows drug touted by former president can increase COVID survival rates by 200%

    A malaria drug which Donald Trump was condemned for hailing as a possible COVID-19 treatment can increase survival rates by up to 200 per cent, scientists say.

    Scientists found that, when ventilated patients with a severe version of COVID were given high doses of hydroxychloroquine with zinc, their survival rates could increase dramatically.

    Trump said in March 2020 he was taking it to prevent him catching the virus, rather than treat it. He did not become infected until October, and was not treated with the drug.


  11. Of course he was right. They’re such repulsive human beings, holding back the med that would have killed the corona

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