Its “Pride” Month …….Vomit! The “Gay” Manifesto Is COMPLETE:

Its “Pride” Month …….Vomit!

SO MANY celebrate these militant gay pukes. They make me SICK. I had a fruity Uncle. He was never like this. Jim Hoft is ‘gay’ and he doesnt shove it all over everyone..

The militants are teaching your kids how to be tranny, fruity, butt worshipers & Luv my carpet cleaners. They didnt used to teach this garbage but now that militant/fascist, GAYSTAPO homosexuals have an upper hand, believe me…..they won’t EVER stop.

Gayroller 2000 Bumper Sticker - The Oatmeal
Puking Rainbows GIFs | Tenor

The ‘gay’ manifesto’ below



When I was in the theater, there were militant ‘gay’s all over. They were hostile, nasty creatures. More than a few were pedo’s. The militant ones are just like this video above and they are the ones shoving this SH!T all over us: On TV, LMN movies, Hallmark, magazines, editorials–trying to FORCE you to accept this garbage.

8 thoughts on “Its “Pride” Month …….Vomit! The “Gay” Manifesto Is COMPLETE:

  1. This is the homosexual truth. Don’t ever forget!

    I worked in a prison once. By federal law their records were supposed to be hidden from employees. They weren’t. Not in the budget. So I saw how many women are sexual predators. Don’t think this is just men. This is a disease state – no question.

    Now anyone comes “out ” they’re congratulated. So on their tombstone will be their mark on the world – “I wanted to play with only this kind of PP” “I was a carpet muncher extraordinaire. “

  2. Joe Biden wants to replace the National Anthem with “It’s Raining Men.”

  3. An unfamiliar term; Homosexualist. A homosexualist is not a homosexual. A homosexualist is a non homo that supports them, created by the public school system and hollywood. The homosexualist are the brainwashed that are the enablers of the homosexuals. The homos did not bring us to the horror were at. The homosexualist , supposed normal people did this.

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