Praying Hard For RAIN In Arizona. Up To 20 Fires Now

Praying Hard For RAIN In Arizona. Up To 20 Fires Now

We really covet your prayers for Arizona. I’ve been practically begging God to please send rain here. I think we had maybe 5 minutes of some rain in Prescott Valley.

As it is right now:

PLEASE Pray and Asking a Favor from My Regular Readers Only... - Kelly the  Kitchen Kop

4 thoughts on “Praying Hard For RAIN In Arizona. Up To 20 Fires Now

  1. Raining here in eastern Montana today. First rain in a month. Praying for all the parched land in western United States. God bless you Pauli!

  2. Yep, the dry and dust is making even the dogs sick. Hardly any bugs the last couple years. I don’t miss mosquitoes but what will the birds eat? ‘Member last year you said the birds had gone up to Prescott? I’m wondering how many abandoned babies and eggs? How many die having to move that far? Most of our birds left for the season. Alot of people wish they could.

    I have been wondering when the heat and the water shortage will affect the real estate which is out of control.
    “Arizona’s Five C’s are: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate”
    That should read were or was. I need help filling out the new “5 Cs” of Arizona. Construction has been a long time replacement and very irresponsible IMO. We also have Cannabis and Cartels. (That includes the electric.) Thinking what are the last 2?

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