BRAVO @Justine_Brooke (Miss New Jersey Contestant), A PATRIOT

BRAVO @Justine_Brooke (Miss New Jersey Contestant), A PATRIOT

This is a fabulous speech on censorship and the loss of free speech. This is a fine, young patriot standing up to Communist monsters.

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    Anderson Cooper 360 » Poll: Most Americans reject validity of 2020 election audits LISTEN AT 9:30 on tape KATIE HOBBS
    A new Monmouth University poll suggests most Americans reject Republican efforts to audit states’ 2020 election results and they believe the reviews are an attempt to undermine valid election outcomes. The poll showed that 57% of Americans say they view the audits as “partisan efforts to undermine valid election results.” The problem-ridden audit in Arizona has yet to uncover any evidence suggesting widespread voter fraud. Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs tells there’s “nothing that can be done now to overturn the election” even if the Arizona audit was valid. Plus, as President Joe Biden’s agenda enters a critical week on Capitol Hill ahead of a looming Senate recess, CNN Contributor and staff writer for The New Yorker Evan Osnos joins AC360 to discuss whether Sen. Joe Manchin’s search for common ground could wreck the Democrats’ agenda.

  2. At 13:50 Anderson cooper is scared and asks Katie Hobbs if they’re prepping for security measures if things go crazy because the audit reveals the elections were rigged. They’re talking about getting ready for a revolution and uprising. They’re scared as hell. Incredible CNN and Cooper are going crazy like that. Pauli, let’s hit hard and fast so the Apocalypse hits before things can get out of hand. Make God take the driving seat.

  3. Oregon is in Arizona Audit Building. Are they part of the Audit Freight train.

    Is Oregon joining Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to join in the November audit. Oregon and Washington is in Maricopa county right now taking a tour.

    Pauli, 9 state delegations are visiting the AZ audit on Friday and that’s the same day PA and GA announce their audits slated to start in July. It’s big news. But like Cooper and Katie Hobbs on CNN were crying about, this is mayhem that’s being announced for the USA. We can’t let bloodshed happen. We have to put God in the driver’s seat. The bloggers who haven’t stood up and come out to openly call Obama by his name: the Antichrist, have to do so. Those who have lived as cowards and weaklings until now, have to take example on Macho-Man Arizona. Stand up you fans of Mad Jewess! Show a spine. Say it! Obama’s the Antichrist.

  4. Not Good! Arizona Senate to Adjourn BEFORE Arizona Audit Results Released – Not Scheduled to Reconvene Until 2022

    The Arizona Legislature is preparing to adjourn for the year and go home until January 2022, leaving their post BEFORE the Arizona audit report is produced and legislation can be created. If the AZ Senate does not delay sine die (the end of session), new election laws will not be created until they meet again next January. If it is found that fraud occurred in Maricopa County, the legislature will not be able to consider withdrawing electors.

    Maybe it’s good Pauli. The AZ Senate goes AWOL and let’s the other states take the baton. If the AZ Senate publishes the audit results there will be war in America, right? Better to play it smooth and avoid friction. The audit results will get out in ay way. Better gather several audits all at once and just destroy the Dems and DC Swamp outright.

  5. Pauli,
    David said the Messiah must be Jewish. Of course, that’s true. Now about Hulagu Khan that I spoke to you about, there are 25 kings of Shambhala. Each King is a new reincarnation. So Hulagu was the Messiah for Christians, Muslims and Buddhists, but in the last 25th reincarnation he’ll take on any form that’s right for helping people. In the last 25th form, I’m sure he’ll be Jewish, because in his form as Hulagu, there’s no mistaking him for anyone else,: he’s the Messiah, I’m 100% sure of that.
    About Jesus, he’s Jewish you know Pauli. Also about Muslims Pauli, did you know they say the Messiah will be Jesus? So the Antisemite Muslims say the Messiah will be Jesus, a Jew. Figure those guys out. But they’re inbreds, so they’re crazy in the head.

  6. It would be so nice if we could avoid all the stress and harassment going on out there. People fight about politics, race, faith, everything. It would be better if none of that existed and it was replaced by love all around, among everybody instead. For that, there’s just one way and that’s to turn towards heaven/God, because there IS NO OTHER WAY. And that means to stand up and fight against Obama by labelling him (as is right) as the Antichrist (and/or Gog is the name used by Jews for the Antichrist).

  7. At 3:28: CNN clown says “Trump is saying Arizona can be the first domino to fall and that’s a very dangerous situation”.
    These terrorist Islamo-Leftists are calling for war.
    Folks let’s put and end to all this. Let’s call in heaven/God by revealing that Obama’s the Antichrist; Stand up and lend your voice!

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