Get Ready: The Beasts Have Released The ‘Delta Variant Strain’:

Get Ready: The Beasts Have Released The “Delta” Variant Virus:

It’s all over the media, this “Delta” variant. I believe they’ve (the population reduction Commies) released another virus into the atmosphere. YOU don’t have to believe it–but I DO.

So- Take your Super Lysine, folks. Get ready for another round of resistance. They’ll probably lock down many places again, but who knows… I don’t. I only see they are beefing up this “Delta” strain–bigtime in the C.I. Media. And, that spells madness. These are hardcore Communist/Globalists and murdering off or making sick the population is nothing to them. They have NO souls.

For USA:


  • Israel says it’s facing a new COVID-19 outbreak fueled by the Delta variant, despite having the world’s most vaccinated population:

Naftali Bennett on Tuesday described a recent surge in infections as a “new outbreak” in the country. And the director of the Israeli Health Ministry said about 70% of new infections were the Delta variant.

[Of course they would kill off the Jews, first. Leftists HATE Jews & especially hate Israel. But, that does not stop American Democrat “Jews” voting for them!!]


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  1. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — As the U.S. emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, Missouri is becoming a cautionary tale for the rest of the country: It is seeing an alarming rise in cases because of a combination of the fast-spreading delta variant and stubborn resistance among many people to getting vaccinated.

    Intensive care beds are filling up with surprisingly young, unvaccinated patients, and staff members are getting burned out fighting a battle that was supposed to be in its final throes.

    The hope among some health leaders is that the rest of the U.S. might at least learn something from Missouri’s plight.

  2. CNN laughs at Trump wanting to sue SNL for it’s online years-long attacks on him.
    What about Obama’s Mark of 666? Maybe they want to laugh about that too? I dare them to laugh about that now. Trump’s not marked by the 666 curse but CNN’s hero and God Obama the Devil is marked by 666. So who’s laughing now?

    Mike Lindell: ‘We’re going to have a new inauguration and it’s going to be beautiful’

  4. Something is off. The pcr test cant find a kovid. It also cant find a delta variant. Only the right blood test can do this. So saying by a pcr test one has a variant, they are liars. A sickness can be released making people ill with symptons and they can call it anything their evil hearts desire. As klaus schwab and justin trudeau willingly announced, the jab is a Bio-Digital Convergence, which means transhumanism or a jabbed person is no longer a human, and each additional jab is less and less a human whether they soon die or live awhile. It looks like people will by fall start to be arrested for being an unjabbed human. One may choose to perish in defense by ones loaded syringe in their holster. One might flee loosing all. Medical care for unjabbed is near. The practice run over a year showed that but soon its complete. Its obvious that what freedoms left or partially restored will be crushed at summers end. How can people be so blind as the jabbed and unjabbed both have nothing? But the changeover comes at summers end when unjabbed become hunted fugitives unlike the jabbed being unhunted slaves but needing re jabbed over and over. Jesus will cut these days short for the unjabbed humans but i pray its real real soon.

  5. I think we’ll get the Messiah come and save us. The jabbed will have to be grouped up and put in camps. We’ll rule the government. How can the jabbed rule the government?
    Massive Coverup of Ivermectin’s Efficacy Demonstrates an Evil Agenda is Driving Everything

    It’s The Great Reset. It’s the New World Order. >>>>*It’s the End Times*>>>>>. It’s likely all of these things and more, and that’s not hyperbole. Ivermectin is all the evidence we need that the agenda is against us all. =============================================================================== Ivermectin saves lives. It is so effective against Covid-19, particularly in the early stages of the disease, that one could argue an effective and safe vaccine wouldn’t be necessary, let alone these experimental injections being passed off as vaccines. And therein lies the rub. If a cheap and readily available drug is enough to fight Covid-19 and diffuse the multi-billion…

  6. I am 4 years late for a surgery which may resolve where my cancer is. Today they told me that in order to have the surgery I must have the Covid-19 test. I cancelled.

    I’ve been searching for the articles that I read about the test, specifically how invasive it is and some think that various things are being distributed via test. I can’t find the articles. Current articles are saying that the tests were distributed massively as far back as 2017. So anyone know where those other articles are?

    This is how they are getting people. A friend must return to the home country to resolve a business matter ooops! Gotta have the shot! I hope that many are like me but I think not. Articles from 2 weeks ago were discussing mass hypnosis and I have watched those deadset against the vax flip.

  7. Maybe get a blood test rather than the test Pauli. I don’t know. I’ll ask someone. I understand that the tests are useless because they just turn up fake results. Get back to you if I hear some answers.

  8. Pauli, if you get tested and it shows positive you have to make one or two more tests to verify the first test. If it’s negative to start with then it’s full steam forward for what you want to do. The tests are not trustworthy. But you should get your treatment you know.

    A friend with a lot of knowledge wrote to me “you should be able to get a saliva test if you need one”

    “i would never do a pcr test, they are mostly fake”

    “the inventor who won a nobel prize said itwas crap for testing”

  9. Kary Mullis got the Nobel for the PCR test. He said the test can find if you’ve got COVID but not if you’re contagious. So what does that mean? It means it’s worthless, because being non-contagious is like having the flu. It’s no big deal.

    Closing down countries and bankrupting people for having the flu is mindless and crazy. The government should be given the death sentence for killing people and pushing them to suicide including the children.

  10. Yes, but it’s part of God’s Plan to have us Messengers stand up and not be stepped on.
    Obama’s not going to go well. Blacks don’t have an easy time. Jails are full of blacks because the Democrats are making them act out, as part of their plan.

  11. Pauli, I told you about Hulagu of Mongolia. (just before David thought it best for me to exit as being admin)
    You told me that “the Messiah must be Jewish”.
    Well, I explained in the info I gave you, that Hulagu appeared as the Savior to Christians, as Muslim Messiah to his Muslim subjects, and as Buddhist King of Shambhala to his Buddhist followers… But he also appeared as the Macchiach to his Jewish followers.
    Why? Because Hulagu ruled the land of the Mongol Ilkhanid rulers: and that includes Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and West Pakistan etc….Jewish people lived throughout all those countries and have lived there since 2500 years. He appeared as the Jewish Macchiah to them. Indeed, Mongol rulers had many Jewish Prime Ministers and involved with them in the deepest way in their lives.

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