We Are IN It. Judgments & Wrath Are Poured Out Now But MOST Can’t SEE It:

We are IN it.

God's Judgment Part 2: Fear, Glory, and the IJ - Come And Reason Ministries

How many have now died because of the Covid 19 kill shots? Last week: 2,000 in 1 week alone in the US making the number over 7500 plus over 600 dead babies in the womb.

We’ll never know the REAL number of those dead by the Corona but the number is well over 100,000 plus in the US alone.

Birds are dropping out of the sky everywhere.
Earthquakes all over the US, now…maybe small but they are happening.
Grasshoppers have invaded the west, billions of them,
Flesh eating parasites are in this nation now.
9 billion different forms of sea life were killed when 117 degree heat hit WA state and Oregon.
Calif is on fire and so is a lot of the south west.
The south and midwest is under water, all flooded.
NYC was flooded, under 2-3 feet of water.
The crops in Nebraska have been flattened by golf ball sized hail.
Michigan is flooded

In Mexico, most of the cities have been flooded, this is after earthquakes and volcanoes have hit,
Deadly storms and even tornadoes in Czech Republic as well as southern Russia and Crimea,
Russia is suffering mass flooding,

In April alone, there were 45 volcanic eruptions, and now there are earthquakes splattering all over the place and erupting ever since April.,
710,000 lightening strikes hit Canada and Canada is on fire,
In the Caspian sea, a volcano erupted spewing mud and destruction all over Azerbaijan.
Tsunami of mud crashes into rows of houses in Atami near Tokyo,
Most of Africa is on fire,
After release of unprecedented amount of sulfur dioxide, Taal volcano erupts in the Philippines.

Antarctic polar blast brings snow, high wind, huge waves and bitter cold temperatures to New Zealand and then NZ had flooding,
Germany is flooded.
France is flooded,

I could go on for you as to what has happened in the last 2 weeks, but so many are blinded by religiousity and are NOT seeing that we are IN the judgements and wrath. We are NOT going to escape it, either.

Open your hearts if you do not know about God. Please. Here is a link to the Bible:

Read ROMANS 10: 9 & 10.

14 thoughts on “We Are IN It. Judgments & Wrath Are Poured Out Now But MOST Can’t SEE It:

  1. Bible in one page is fantastic. I prefer to hold a bible but this site puts the focus verses more before you. What ever makes bible reading happen more is great. If this earth were a person, it would be obvious that person is terminally ill at deaths door.

  2. French Pres is now force-vaxxing care-givers. France is up in arms. The French caregivers will sue. Sue for what Pres’ is worth.

  3. ONUS is on PA now – no longer on AZ
    Upbeat PA Senator Mastriano laughs his way all the way to the victory.
    Pennsylvania Audit Update ( More Information on the investigation )

    “If there’s nothing to hide then reveal it all wide open” Sen Mastriano
    ****Arizona 2020 ballots being recounted again****

  4. Arizona Audit: Ballot counting continues, voting machines not to be returned

  5. Former President Trump to attend rally in Arizona

    Former President Trump is expected to attend a rally in Arizona later this month for the first time since losing the 2020 election.

  6. Biden Panics Over PA Audit! 12 FBI Informants In Whitmer Case! Ex DEA Source Is A Haiti Prez Killing

    PANIC! Trump Exposes Barr & Biden Rushes To Stop PA Audit

    Yesterday, President Trump released a letter showing how Bill Barr pressured the US Attorney in PA NOT to investigate the 2020 election. This morning, he released another statement aimed at Biden, who, right now, is rushing to PA to stop the forensic audit. And in breaking news, new evidence has just emerged out of GA showing that the error reporting rate in Fulton’s hand count audit was a whopping 60%!

  7. Biden’s panicking that Obama’s panicking. They’re all panicking.
    Biden’ll probably go to jail and share a bunk with Obama, Hunter and Pelosi.
    Trump’ll be back in August say Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell.
    ‘We Will Take Back That Glorious White House’: Trump Predicts 2024 Victory For GOP At CPAC Texas

    In his remarks at CPAC Texas 2021, former President Trump assailed Democrats and declared that the GOP would win back the White House in 2024.

  8. Trump claims damages could be in TRILLIONS in social media lawsuit

    Former President Trump is leading a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as their CEOs, over allegations of censorship after the companies took action to ban and suspend his accounts.

    “Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional and it’s completely un-American,” Trump said Wednesday from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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