Dick Durbin Admits “Millions Have Died From Vaccine”

Dick Durbin Admits “Millions Have Died From Vaccine”

Dick Durbin admits in the video linked below that millions have died from the CV19 vaccine. Its not a ‘slip’, he is telling the truth. Take heed and do not take the vaccine.

Senate Leader Dick Durbin Sides With Progressives, Breaks With Biden on  Ending Filibuster

3 thoughts on “Dick Durbin Admits “Millions Have Died From Vaccine”

  1. Interesting. . . . . most texts are just skipping over the controversy of what he said – but some, like the huffingpost actually wrote in their text what they think he intended to say rather than what he actually said. IDT he meant to say it given the context but he is probably going to get some close attention for awhile from additional audiences who are trying to figure out for sure.

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