VIDEO-Communist Aftermath Of Black Riots & Looting In #SouthAfrica: LONG Foodlines & Starvation Ensue:

VIDEO-Aftermath Of Black Riots & Looting In South Africa: LONG Foodlines & Starvation Ensue:

These will probably be taken down…Cant share the truth about how the ‘revolutionary’ blacks act.

Its none of our business. They did this to themselves. If we send them food, it’s like saying: “You can do this again”, “We’ll take care of you”. Let Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia and the Ivory Coast take care of their people.

Pray for the small minority of whites in SA. They have been BRUTALIZED by blacks for over 30 years in SA. Please pray for them: SA Pastor asks for prayer.

6 thoughts on “VIDEO-Communist Aftermath Of Black Riots & Looting In #SouthAfrica: LONG Foodlines & Starvation Ensue:

  1. Coming soon to us all. Amazing as its not a line for handouts but a line to buy food at a store still having food.

  2. I guarantee you that Biden will blame the hunger on “white supremacy” or “the legacy of apartheid,” and use our tax dollars to send them food. Mark my words.

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  4. Who’s that blond movie star from South Africa who’s mother kill her abusive father?
    She played the female serial killer Arline Warmos a few years back.
    They can put her to get use, like they’re putting many blond Africaners. Yum, Yum!

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