5,522 Dead By Vaccine In Scotland 28 Days After Jab

5,522 Dead By Vaccine In Scotland 28 Days After Jab

By David Ben Moshe-

This is a subject on Pauli’s (The Mad Jewess’s) heart and mind. She is taking time off.

The fact that the MSM keeps pushing this vaccine as well as our government tells me they are complicit in mass-murdering people.

Public Health Scotland published the results on their official COVID-19 statistical report page, where as of June 23, 2021 they report that 5,522 people have died within 28 days of receiving one of the COVID-19 injections in use within Scotland.

The Daily Expose, (British) covered the story.

Health Impact image. https://healthimpactnews.com/

4 thoughts on “5,522 Dead By Vaccine In Scotland 28 Days After Jab

  1. Majority in a stupor. Am reminded of cattle cars traversing thru towns across europe packed with people screaming in route to the camps and either people disbelieve their ears, or just dont want to ask what going on or the even awake in churches that as the trains go by, they sing praises louder to an imposter god so as not to hear the screems. That is whats happening now but to all of humanity this time. And safe and effective for whom? Safe for pfizer and friends who cant be sued and effective to eliminate humanity, some quickly like in scotland and the rest a little later as this is a time release kill. Cheers.

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