Time Off

Hi guys, I’m taking time off again for some days. I need to focus on God. I get very caught up in the events and it consumes me. Its like a fire in me to shout issues and events as loud as I can because of the dangers.

It is very depressing reading about death, death, death and horrible weather events. The lying, satanic, demonic media now only covers whatever is on the Communist, globalist agenda and the sick and dying people from the shot is a non issue to these Hitlerian-Stalinist, genocidal, psychopathic murderers.

May the Lord bless each of you until I return 😸👍

29 thoughts on “Time Off

  1. If only there were someplace to go and NEVER have to return!
    God has washed His hands of the USA. That’s apprearent.
    Don’t expect this scum to be voted “out,” because it was never voted “in” to begin with.

  2. Fully comprendo. Rest and bounce back. My last uncle departed last night. Sadly salvation is not for him though a decent person. Prayer for you and hubby.

  3. I know…. but Ive been IN the fight since 1990 against the Commie Globalist Left wing pigs
    So, I didnt have time for kids. My hubby does not want a dog 😦

  4. I started reading heinlein in the third grade. Bythe time Igot big enough to look at society, all I could think was, “You”re doing it wrong.”

  5. God had his hand on you.
    Thats great.
    Maybe if we had been born in the 1800’s, it wouldnt be this way

  6. Around and around, His plan goes in cycles. It’s Babylon once again. No reason to despair, just do your best. I’m glad I lived to see it. Iknow lots of folks who may now be thinking, “I should have gone with mobius.”

  7. I don’t live on a homestead but I’m ready for when the time comes. I mean as ready as I possibly can be.
    God put it on my heart to be prepared.
    Seeing you with all your wood makes me think I should get a cord

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